Customize Discobot

How to Customize Discobot

Discobot may be customized to match your community’s persona (or look and feel). The admin user can edit all facets of Discobot. The Discobot is a user like any other user in your community, so you can change any aspect of the user profile the same as you would your profile.

Customizing the Discobot User:

  1. In Admin, select Users and select the user discobot avatar

  2. Go to the user profile, press the edit button on the avatar

  3. Select Preferences or you may select Visit this user’s preferences page to edit their profile:

Once in Preferences, you can change the following settings:

  1. Account

    • Name: Select the Edit button and change the name
    • Image: Select the Edit button and upload new Image.
    • When completed, select Save Changes button
  2. Profile

  3. Email

Changing the Discobot Welcome Message

  1. Select Messages

  2. Select Sent

  3. Select the Greetings message sent out that you would like to change

  4. Copy and Paste a part of the message, such as I’m only a robot

  5. Go into the Admin menu

  6. Select Customize and then Text Content

  7. Enter copied text into Search Window, when Greeting is diplayed select Edit

Update Greetings message and select Save Changes button

NOTE: only settings manually changed at this time will update.


Is it possible to make a new conversation discobot with With members and make a new certificate for them ?

I am admin to an educational forum and I want to make a new conversation with a new certificate :slight_smile:


No, you cannot currently customise the full experience.


Is it possible to know the codes for messages such as %{title}

Excuse me for my many questions :slight_smile:

Questions are fine. :slight_smile:

You can reuse any existing variables in the message but you cannot add new ones.


many thanks @HAWK
Is it possible to define the existing variables if possible? :slight_smile:

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I suggest adding that either

  1. People need to update the Discobot’s profile About me because it’ll still say message or mention @discobot even after you change its name


  1. Maybe Discourse could remove the username from the default message? I went ahead and edited our About me to just say

Hi, I’m not a real person. I’m a bot that can teach you about this site. To interact with me, send me a message or mention me anywhere.

Just in case we have to change it again, we don’t need to remember to also change the About me.


Is this something that’s going to be possible in the future? The current question/answer format of fortune and quote is sufficient for what I have in mind.

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@codinghorror is extending the discobot functionality on our roadmap at all?


That’s a good point we should make that copyedit, @tshenry can you take it? No need to deal with it retroactively just for new ones. Say “mention me by name” so editing the name doesn’t require editing the “about me”.

@hawk we don’t plan on extending discobot at the moment.


Should be done with the following!


Does Discobot have to be a Moderator or can I take this role away from him? I mean, will he still work then?


As far as I can tell from looking at the code and the UI, Discobot should never be able to become a moderator.

If you meant an admin, then no, unfortunately there is no way to take the admin role away from DIscobot at this time.


Thanks for answering. Since the last few posts, is it possible to customize the discobot user training and advanced user training or is this still standard? We do get a lot of search traffic with the word “capybara” but would maybe like to try another or term?

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Actually I believe what I’m referring to might be here: How to Customize Discobot - #7 by HAWK


Is there any way an admin could toggle a particular part of the tutorial on or off?

For example, the Flag tutorial requires the user to select the “Innapropriate” Flag. This Flag is hidden in our instance because it doesn’t suit our use case. Consequently our users cannot complete the Tutorial. If I could just disable/skip this one section then we could re-enable the tutorial.