Dev guideslines for making translation easier

(Benjol) #1

I’m aware of topics and guidelines for translators, but are there guidelines anywhere for devs so that they can make translation easier?

If not, I have a few ideas :slight_smile:

  • Avoid ‘walls of text’. tos_topic.body is totally unwieldy, for example. And that’s if you just have to translate it the once. But every time there is a modification, you have to scroll up/down to find the differences.
  • Try to avoid ambiguity (i.e. does “User Modified” mean “modified by the user” or “the user has been modified”?). You don’t necessarily need to make the distinction in the text, using the key to disambiguate is a good idea too.
  • Don’t hard code a language-specific url inside a no-translate tag (at this time site_settings.discourse_chronos_default_timezones has a link to an EN WikiPedia page embedded in a no-translate tag)
  • Don’t forget that you should use the alternate translations for texts involving counts of 1 and n.

(Feel free to add other ideas)

(Gerhard Schlager) #2

As a translator I feel your pain. Fortunately there are only a handful of very long texts. There is already a topic where we discussed possible solutions: Maintaining huge translated strings in Transifex

As an alternative, it’s also possible to add comments within the YAML files. They show up in Transifex.