Discobot Profile Picture Upload "Failed"

I am trying to upload a better profile pic for the discobot, but every time I upload the photo and hit “save changes” I instantly get a message saying “FAILED”

Discourse is hosting the site for me if that helps.

Are you using one of these supported file types for that?

If not you can add other file types in settings.

If you are using a supported format there may be some other problem.

Yeah I tried .png and .jpeg. It’s worth noting I can upload photos for other profiles on the site, just not discobot

That may be a limitation if you have the basic tier hosting, not sure. Basic tier does not support custom themes and components.

With standard tier hosted site I am able to change name and profile picture of bot account.

You can contact the team for support here by sending a message to " @ team ," they can investigate.

Welcome to the Meta support site!! :tada:

Thanks! I have the standard tier so it should work. Will do!

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Hello and welcome @effishent :slight_smile:

I think this may be connected to the change to a group-allowed style setting for uploaded avatars allowed groups. For some reason Discobot (and System) lose their automatic groups a short time after each site update which may be having an effect on some of those settings.

As a workaround, could you try creating a new temporary group to pop Discobot in, and add the group to that setting?


@JammyDodger thank you so much, this worked like a charm. I set the uploaded avatars allowed groups setting to “everyone.” It was initially set to trust level 0 when I looked into it at your suggestion. Should I put it back to trust level 0 like it was originally now that I have the photo uploaded or should I leave it to everyone?

Nice. :+1: :slight_smile:

I think you should be good to change it back to TL0 now you’ve made the avatar change. :+1: Though if you notice any weirdness let us know.

Hopefully we should have a fix in place soon so we account for Discobot and System in this new style of setting. :crossed_fingers:

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