Discourse Patreon Plugin

:discourse2: Summary Discourse Patreon enables Patreon Social Login, and synchronization between Discourse Groups and Patreon rewards.
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link https://github.com/discourse/discourse-patreon
:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse


:warning: Please note: Only members who have pledged to a tier membership will be synced to Discourse groups. Free users and users under the Free trial will not be synced to your Discourse groups.

Social Login

This plugin will also enable a Social Login with Patreon, making it easier for your patron to sign up on Discourse.



  • See all relevant site settings by searching your admin settings for “patreon”
Name Description
patreon enabled Enable the discourse-patreon plugin
patreon login enabled Enable Patreon Social Login
patreon client id Generated Patreon Client ID
patreon client secret Generated Patreon Client Secret
patreon webhook secret Generated Patreon Webhook Secret
patreon creator discourse username Username of the Discourse account which is used to login through Patreon creator account using ‘Patreon Social Login’
patreon creator access token Generated Patreon Creator’s Access Token
patreon creator refresh token Generated Patreon Creator’s Refesh Token
patreon declined pledges grace period days Grace period (in days) before a pledge is declined completely
max patreon api reqs per hr Maximum number of Patreon API requests per hour
max patreon api reqs per day Maximum number of Patreon API requests per day
patreon verbose log enable verbose logging of patreon payload
patreon donation prompt enabled Enable donation prompt?
patreon donation prompt show after topics Show donation prompt after n topics
patreon donation prompt campaign url Donation prompt campaign URL

:discourse2: Hosted by us? This plugin is available on all of our hosting tiers https://www.discourse.org/plugins/patreon.html

Discourse users on Patreon


Looks like there’s a bug: Blank topics after log-in - #3 by Arkshine