Discourse Shared Edits

:discourse2: Summary Discourse Shared Edits allows multiple users to collaboratively edit posts in real time. This feature is default disabled and must be enabled explicitly by moderators on posts.
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link https://github.com/discourse/discourse-shared-edits
:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse


Moderators can toggle shared edits on a topic (red) via the gear icon on the composer bar. Note that the plugin does not enable edit access per se. This means that if you want non-moderators to be able to collaboratively edit the post you must also make the post a Wiki (green, optional):

Once toggled edits are collaborative. You’ll notice the button in the bottom left is now marked ‘Done’ is it is continuously saved in real time.


This plugin has a single site setting shared_edits_enabled it is default enabled after it is installed

You might like to also install this Theme Component to give you more control of the appearance of Shared Edits posts:


  • Currently there is a ~10 second delay prior to updating the posts in the stream. It would be nice if this updated live just like it does in the composer.

  • Displaying multiple cursors would be nice, it would mean we need to replace the textarea with a contenteditable control or ace.

This plugin was inspired by @gdpelican’s collude but is a bottom up re-write so it fits better into the current Discourse designs.