Customize all text in Discourse

Previously changing text in Discourse required either pasting brittle javascript into a <HEAD> customization or using a plugin (which isn’t available on many hosting plans).

Well, good news: in the latest builds of Discourse you can customize all of the text via the admin interface. Simply go to Admin > Customize > Text and you’ll be presented with a search page.

Search for the text you want to customize, click Edit then enter the new value. For example, I changed the “Dashboard” link to say “Evil Trout” here on Meta. After refreshing the page the text has been updated:

Need help identifying the strings to translate? See how to Find a translation key with verbose localization

As always, give it a spin and let us know of any bugs or suggestions and we’ll tweak accordingly!


Hi there! This translation interface is amazing for minor updates and language “tropicalization” but I’m wondering if there’s a workaround to make a massive Find & Replace of words.

Maybe a text file where all of this strings lives?

Thanks in advance

This is tremendously helpful! Thanks for adding the functionality.


I’ve changed some of the text in /search; the options in the drop-downs (e.g. don’t seem to change if I edit them this way.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

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I think it’s a bug, I can reproduce it on 2.6.0.beta4 ( 68fc2a18b1 )
The PUT request seems very different from another working option :thinking:

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I have a pull request here ready with a fix:

It should be merged in the next day or so.


Thanks for this.
Do you think it’s advisable to change all instances of ‘category’, and all instances of ‘groups’?
I’m concerned that because there’s so many instances of those words, and they’re so core to the functioning of the platform, that I’ll damage something.
The use-case is that we’ve onboarded a couple of hundred people, and the feedback we’re getting is that they’re finding those words to be confusing. We’re wanting to change groups–>communities and categories–>rooms… Thus, various communities of people will move through various rooms, on our forum.
We’re about to onboard ~10,000 people, so want to commit to this change (or not) first.
Has anyone else changed those words without too much drama?

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