Embedded youtube full screen bug part deux

The bug outlined here appears to have regressed:

Let’s see:

Seems OK to me in fullscreen?

That one works for me too. Does the giff’ed video have the broken behaviour for you?

Looks like it only breaks when the scroll bar appears the topic is big enough to never be fully loaded and uses cloaking.


Yep confirmed, has to be on a topic with more than 20 replies cc @eviltrout

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It is strange, on desktop it looks like it is OK.

But on mobile (Discourse app or Chrome directly) I have the same problem :

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We should ensure we have not regressed here @eviltrout.

I just checked the full screen youtube is still working for me. I don’t have an android device to check on but I suspect the “fix” might have never worked on that platform?

The fix is actually quite a hack that even surprises me that it works!

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Just a comment that also the YouTube full screen issues seems to have re-surfaced on 1.7 stable. Yes I know, 1.8 is due soon and everyone should roll on beta etc.

This issue is back or not-resolved in 1.8.1. Going full screen does not work - user is bounced back to the thread, but to a different position.

Android 7.0 w. latest Chrome.

Whats the status of this one? We are getting complaints literally on daily basis. Is there an improvement in 1.9 branch? @codinghorror

It turns out to be a hard problem… I suggest opening videos you want to expand, in a new tab.

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