Fa-icons and badges - some work, some don't

Hi! I have a forum using the Vincent theme. I am trying to make the most out of the badges, so I have disabled the ones I found too easy to get and am making some new custom ones. I have found that not all fa-icons work, only certain ones. Is this limitation in the actual theme I have chosen or in the discourse software itself?

  1. secondly (not as important as my main question) is that I wonder if there is an order when it comes to the badges? on the user cards, it seems to show only 3 badges (and then “+1” if the user has more than this). Are gold colored badges automatically put on the top of this list to make them most visible, then silver, then bronze populates the short list if there not enough gold badges to fill it up? And in the admin panel of a user, I can see “top badges”, I assume the same goes there? Thanks in advance.


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Not all icons are included by default because there are too many. See the “adding new icons” section in Introducing Font Awesome 5 and SVG icons.


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