Group Messages As Announcement

My organization really wants to be able to send periodic community announcements to groups, as not everyone, especially new users seems to be visiting regularly. They want to direct users to a specific activity as a topic.

The problem with group messages is that a recipient replies thinking it is to the sender, when it relays to the whole group, and we generate tons of noise and email notification. I have tried everything to disable a group message, tried closing, unlisting, turning off reply by email across the site and regardless, non admin users are able to see and reply to a group message even when closed-- this one is closed but the reply button is still active.

I know the consensus here is to just use categories with specified permissions but we are trying to reach people on just an announcement approach.

It seems like the only thing we can do is overtly request DO NOT REPLY! Am I missing anything? Am ready to admit defeat.

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Is that screenshot taken as admin or a user?

Admins can always respond even to closed topics.

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Yikes, my bad. Trying again, as a non admin. I am waiting 20+ minutes to make sure the closing is seen.

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Cough cough :wink:

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Gargling with salt water might take care of those coughs.

I am not asking to switch admin role on and off; I maintain a non admin user in another browser for testing and I also use impersonate to see from a users role.

I have been merely looking for a way to use group messages to make announcements that regular users cannot reply to. And yes, in my latest test, I sent a group message and then closed it, and as a non admin user it is completely gone. So that means I would never even see it. What I hoped was a message sent that could be read and not replied to, but it seems not possible.


As an aside did you consider Discourse BCC?

It won’t prevent replies, but nobody aside from the sender and addressee will see them.


I know. It’s just that with the current setup, you never have any indication of where the rules are different for admin.

Thanks, this actually looks like a solution that will work for us! Off to install soon.


This works perfectly, thanks! Replies are not spammed to the full group.

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