Please help, how do I install Discourse on macOS?

So basically I have this StackOverflow post talking about this: ruby - I am trying to setup Discourse for macOS but I get an error - Stack Overflow

But I get a bundler error that says:

An error occurred while installing openssl (2.2.0), and Bundler cannot
Make sure that `gem install openssl -v '2.2.0' --source ''`
succeeds before bundling.

I can’t fix this but also here is another question, how would I put this on my website? Like how would I 24/7 host this on my website without paying anything?

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I believe that you can only install Discourse on macOS for development purposes. Please correct me if I’m wrong though.


I doubt anyone can help you here without knowing a lot more about “my website”, but there have been reports here that it’s possible to self-host Discourse for free with Oracle–some searching around should find a guide. From there, it should be possible to integrate it with your site.

If you wanted an installation of Discourse on your own personal computer to be available on the Internet 24x7, that would require that your personal computer be powered on 24x7 and open to the Internet. Not really a good idea.

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This is what tutorial I used. this is what got me stuck.

Please refer to the official documentation, it’s the only thing we can assist you with here.

If you’re planning to install on a server for other users to access this is the installation you would need to follow.

The standard install uses docker and can be completed in less than 30 minutes.

If you’re going to be using Discourse for development purposes, to create plugins, themes or anything else development installs exist for Ubuntu, Windows and macOS

It depends on where and how your website is hosted. If you already have a VPS and can access it via SSH then you may be able to install Discourse there directly.

Some users have had success with Oracle Cloud installing Discourse on the free tier, but the provided server doesn’t meet the minimum requirements for the standard installation.


My docker doesn’t seem to work either. Man, this sucks. I’ll post another thread about this with more debugging info.