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Hello friends,
How can I get all users to default to today when I list questions as Popular?

For example, on my site this situation is all the time.
Discourse Meta is listed in this section annually.

How can I apply this to all users daily in a default format?

Or can I show a separate list for members of the site and a separate list for non-members?


You can change the Top page default timeframe with this site settings top page default timeframe.

If you change it to daily it will set the Top page timeframe to Today by default for everyone.

Screenshot 2022-08-16 at 11.55.18


I did this but the result did not change. Even though I rebuild the site, there was no change.

Do I need to do it another way?

I don’t know if there is other way :thinking: I checked it and works for me. Could you try it in safe mode? Maybe a theme component or plugin override it?

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it didn’t happen again :sweat_smile: I wonder if 50 questions should have been asked today, could it be related to this?

I think you might be onto something. :slight_smile: I had a run-through as well, but it only changed on my test site when I dropped the topics per period in top page down to a much lower number. There may be some fall back to ensure that minimum by default?

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I couldn’t quite understand what you were saying. :frowning: Sorry my English is so bad. Could you explain it a little simpler?

I checked on my other site which is not for testing. I seted to daily and it keeps it on weekly. :thinking:

No worries. :slight_smile: If you lower the topics per period in top page number to something that is less than the amount of topics for today it will allow the default to show as ‘daily’:

If it is a higher number than the new topics for today it will flip to the next period that satisfies the topics per period in top page amount:

(I have only created one topic on my test site in the last day)

And I think topics per period in top summary also plays a role for anonymous users as well. :+1:


That’s cool thanks :slightly_smiling_face: I tested and works fine. I never knew what’s for that number really is. :smiley:


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