Retort - a reaction-style plugin for Discourse

I opened a new request Support multiple-reactions per post (Retort style) about multiple-reactions-per-post, since the other link is only for offering more reaction choices for the one-and-only reaction that Discourse Reactions allows.


The Retort plugin isn’t an #official one so we don’t have any say in when it stops being actively developed and maintained by the community. :man_shrugging: The best we can do is try and keep people informed where possible so they have some time to find an alternative (or at least give their members a heads-up to try and soften the disappointment).

Hopefully those two #feature requests will be adopted into the #reactions plugin at some point, but as yet they’re still in the ‘nice ideas’ stage. But I’ve got my fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:


I understand where you’re coming from. The reality is that neither I or James have had the time to properly support Retort for some time. You’ll notice that the last commit on the repository is over a year ago (by me on 21 July 2021). It’s great that the plugin has continued to work this long and it is a testament to the quality of the work James put into building it.

When I say I don’t have the time, believe me, I wish I did! I feel sad every time I have to make one of these decisions (like with the Landing Pages Plugin). I didn’t build Retort, but I have invested time in it. When you decide to retire something, it’s like accepting that something you’ve created or loved, and spent many hours, days and weeks of your life with, must die. I know it was a tough decision for James to make when he felt he had to move on to other things.

By contrast, the Reactions Plugin is being maintained by, an organisation of over 60 people, on an active basis. It’s in use on a number of the servers used by’s clients. Yes, it doesn’t have the same features as Retort yet, but I would urge you to pursue that feature development as an avenue. Perhaps you could convince someone like me, or another member of Pavilion, to PR a missing feature into the plugin. That would be a smart avenue to achieve your long term goals here.


There is always #marketplace if you want to pay a developer to bring it back to life in the meantime. But you may end up having to do this multiple times or agree a maintenance retainer.


I guess the answer is No? I would like to migrate to reactions and try to find the popular ones…

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I imagine it would be possible as they’ll be stored in the database somewhere. Unfortunately I don’t have this plugin installed on my test site to check the specifics. Is there a discourse-retort-retorts table or similar?

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