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@Dax Yep, that looks good! Thanks for the quick turnaround.

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I noticed this component also changes the layout on the private messages list. Would it be relatively easy to change the topic list layout everywhere except the private messages list? For the private messages list I would like to use the default layout.

Hi @Dax, just circling back here on the private message layout versus topic list layout. Is it possible to have the private message list display with the default layout?

Hello @Dax, any update on this issue?

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Is it possible to add this theme an option to not remove the Users column seen below?


There seems to be an unexpected bug when used with Who's Online plugin.
That is, if the last post’s author of a topic is online, it’s showing as if the topic’s author itself is online on the /latest and Categories & Latest Topic pages.

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Hi @Dax
Thank you so much for your awesome theme component.

I wish there was a chance to translate the “Author” term!


Following up on this as well. Is there any way to translate it?

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Now yes, it is possible to translate. Update the component to the latest version.


BTW I reduced the width from 70px to 50px. It looked better this way. How about removing that css from the html tag itself and rather create a css class? That way it’s easier to override the CSS in an update-safe manner. I had to change the theme component’s code to adjust width. I will have to reapply those changes manually after updating it.

Alternatively add it as a setting for the theme component backend. :wink:

keep up the good work, the component is great!

PS: Would love to have a similar component but for a “Latest Post” column like in Sam’s Minimal Theme or MD Topic List. This wish comes my community directly.

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There was a reason for the width to be hardcoded, but now I can’t remember :thinking:.

In case I will make the change when I have some time :sweat_smile:


I have the same doubt as @thegurjyot, I’d prefer to have a separate author column and another one for all other posters, is there a simple change I can make to achieve this?

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Just make a comment in the code next time when you do something specific :stuck_out_tongue:

#Dev Notes: I did this cause the interwebs told me I should

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I am still looking forward for a mobile only option in this theme component. Maybe you’ll implement in future update.


Tried something pure css from this topic but seems that would not work now:

Maybe not something your want but you can just comment out everything on Desktop section. (CSS and )

I create a pull request to fix behavior on mobile view

  1. Fix invalid profile url
  2. Should show user-card on first click rather than go to profile directly

Hey @Dax

is there any way to disable the theme component in a specific category or view?

I am testing the Topic List Preview and it prevents TLP from displaying thumbnails when both components are activated at same time. The issue appears for TLP plugin and theme component as well.

It is not recommended to use this component in conjunction with other plugins/themes that heavily modify templates.


Hi! I think this is a great component.

Just one quick question: Does it show the avatar flair image? I have installed this theme component in my local discourse installation. While I can see the flair when entering the topics, it does not show in the list of topics (where the theme component changes the layout).


I reply to myself: It is not implemented in the component. I forked and played a bit with the code but I’m not sure whether I can retrieve the primary group (and the flair parameters) from the topic creator. Any hint on that @Dax ? Thanks again!

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