Topic List Previews Theme Component

This plugin looks great, @merefield.

Can we use this to make the category landing pages have a similar appearance to the main community home?

And if we use Discourse Hub, how does the community look with this plugin active?

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Category Discovery home is the only unsupported route at present unfortunately. There are no thumbnails serialised for this route and the way it’s rendered is different to all the other discovery routes. See further: Topic List Previews Theme Component - #105 by merefield

However, you might be able to use a side bar to present Categories and still display a Latest page. I use a similar technique with but I’m more interested in Tags in my case.

On Starzen I use the Layouts plugin with the Tag and Tag Intersection Widgets.

No different to web page. Feel free to add my example site to your Hub temporarily to see the effect


@merefield awesome plugin!! Not sure if this had been mentioned (I did a thorough search but couldn’t find anything relevant) – the issue is, on mobile, when I scroll up and down in chrome, there is a topic-card level animation that seems a bit annoying. Each time my finger touches a card, it goes up and down. Can you point out where in the code i can disable this animation? Many thanks!!

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Do you see the issue on There is a press animation but it shouldn’t kick in if you are scrolling. It’s only CSS so you could easily disable it by overriding the CSS locally.

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@merefield Yes, I see the same issue, on iPhone though. Let me share a quick screen recording

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Yep that’s the press animation. You can probably disable it if you inspect the CSS and add the corresponding unsetting styling. Your demo is rather exaggerating it, it doesn’t bother me on iPhone?

It’s not adding a massive amount to mobile though and harks from the days when the entire surface was a click to enter event (but Ember prevents this from working with the title click). Then again it’s not annoying me much either and you are the first to complain about it? I’ll have a think about potentially removing this on mobile.

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Thanks for the recommendation! While waiting for your actions, we’ll explore and see if we can find a way to identify where this pressing animation is defined, disable it and override with a local CSS. cc: @wjxphysics


A couple of updates:

  • Core changes broke search:
  • I’ve removed active animation from mobile to make scrolling smoother:

@FutureChaser thanks for the suggestion.


I forgot where I enabled this, but can anyone help me disable like and bookmark button from the thumbnail view?

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You can either:

  • remove the sidecar plugin (but you will lose other useful functionality)
  • remove routes from topic list actions settings
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Oh thanks, “actions” got me to the right settings

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Hi Rob, I’ve noticed an error in the console which seems to be related to the TLPs TC:

Is related to this:


It goes away when TLPs TC is disabled. Not sure what problem it causes though.

Also - tweak of wiki

I’ve removed the links to for this bit as they are no longer live:


Yep, I had noted that issue, will take a look at some point. Does not appear critical nor impacting any functionality, just not particularly elegant.


Can we dispay full title of category in mobile layout?
Thank you!

My website don’t display photo thumbnail in mobile mode

Can you help me fix them?
Thank you!

Sorry I cannot support individual customisation, but please go-ahead and have a go at customising or involve a developer.

I’ve just updated to latest and there are no issues I can see (note: this only supports latest tests-passed)

What steps have you taken so far to debug it?

  • any errors in your console log on desktop browser with ?mobile_view=1 querystring at end of URL?
  • any suspicious errors in your logs?

I found the reason…
I’ve used component : Hide user column build by @Dax . I disable it and thumbnail display normal.

GitHub - discourse/discourse-hide-users-column: A theme component for Discourse

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How can we setup this theme component effect with Docs plugin

Thank you,

If I’m understanding right your question and you are looking for same outloot at docs-page than what you get on plain forumside, you can’t. Docs plugin is expanding how to show some topics and is kind of another way alter look of Discourse, as topic list previews is too.

I’m simplifieng hard now, but

  • TLP is fine tuning look of forum
  • Docs is giving static-like way to browse some content

Two different tool to different content or purpose, kind of. Docs is like a library or browser used to shown special content. Like faqs, helps or, as I’m using it, blogs.

I’ve not at any stage explicitly developed or tested this with the Docs plugin, so I can only say it isn’t currently intentionally supported. PR welcome if you discover it is not.