Topic List Previews Theme Component

Ah you running this on top of News Plugin? I’m afraid the results of that are not predictable and it might be causing the issue. The News Plugin is not explicitly supported as it has its own templates.

If you remove the News Plugin, does the issue go away?


Tiles Enhancements and Intra-tile Layout Changes

@nathankershaw and I have been working on some optimisations to the layout within the Tile

  • Rearrange items to make better use of space, specifically:
    • move posters to tile footer, allowing more width for title, category, tags
    • ensure posters just take up one line, add number representing number of additional posters if large list
    • wrap meta to leave space for more posters
    • move tags alongside Category and continue to allow them to wrap
    • optimise padding
  • Add new share button :chains: so you can share a topic straight from the Topic List :rocket:
  • Various fixes to action button behaviour and formatting
  • Removal of grey bar at top of topic list
  • Reduction of redundancy in CSS (esp. between desktop and mobile).

NB You are recommended to test this out on a test site first to double check if any of your CSS overrides are working correctly.

Thanks to @nathankershaw for supporting this work, testing the results and offering so many great suggestions

NB I’ve customised my tile slightly by starting the posters from the right, default is from the left as per core:

.topic-list.tiles-style {
  .topic-users {
    justify-content: flex-end;

You may notice the meta is now wrapped by default. This was done with a heavy heart and is because we are trying to maximise the number of posters that can be depicted. I will revisit this if/when we get container queries in browsers so we can base the width of the meta on the number of posters.