Topic List Thumbnails Theme Component

I realise that if the image is not big enough, then there is a “blur” region on the layout. Can we somehow resize the image to fit the box and remove this region? Or scaling down the box?

No, this only works for Discourse “uploads”

Unlikely to be added to this component, but of course feel free to fork the component and tweak it to your liking :slight_smile:

Not at the moment - the overall widths/heights of the tiles need to be calculated before rendering (I.e. before we know how many lines the topic title will be). That means that for longer titles, the image doesn’t quite fill the space.


Does anything special need to be done for generating topic thumbnails from an Instagram (image post) onebox?

Running tests-passed
download remote images - enabled

Can’t seem to get it to generate.

Can we align the name of the topic and the rest of the stats? as it is, the topic name is top-aligned, while the rest are middle-aligned. Thanks!


Are the Instagram onebox topic list thumbnails working for anyone? Would appreciate any feedback - trying to figure out if it’s something wrong with my configuration or not.

for my homepage, i want a ‘masonry’ list of the latest 9 (configurable) topics from a category or hidden tag, “featured” above /top/[weekly] topics in ‘list’ mode.

this would be a way for staff to curate news/featured topics while still allowing normal users the opportunity to naturally push other topics up to the homepage.

might there be a simplish way to do this?

Not exactly as you describe, but you may be interested in


Suggestion: Would be great if there was an option for posts that have no thumbnail to not have any thumbnail area (which displays the default icon) so they take less screen real estate. Like it’s handled with the TLP plugin and theme component.