What is a Wiki Post?

What is a wiki post?
A wiki post/admin wiki post is a special type of post that can be edited by any user on your forum.

How do I create (or remove) a wiki post?
To turn a regular post into a wiki post you usually need moderator/admin privileges.

However normal users may also make their post Wiki, provided their trust level is high enough (by default TL3). Admins can change the trust level required with the site setting min trust to allow self wiki.
This is a wikipost

To create a wiki post just select the wrench icon

and then click the Make Wiki button

If a post is already a wiki, instead of the Make Wiki button, the Remove Wiki button will appear.

How can I recognize a wiki post from a regular post?
By default, new users at Trust Level 0 can not edit wiki posts. They will see only a green pencil icon at the top right of the wiki posts.

When users are able to edit the wiki posts, in addition to the pencil, they will notice that the Reply button has been de-emphasised in favor of the Edit button

Clicking on the pencil produces no effect unless the post has been modified.
In this case, the number of changes made since the creation of the wiki will also appear firefox_2018-01-25_14-19-39

Properties of Wiki Posts

  • Admins and mods can change the styling of a wiki post via CSS (see How to change the style of a Wiki post)
  • Takes advantage of Discourse’s built in revisions.
  • If two users are editing the post at the same time, the latest save becomes the latest revision, thus overwriting the contents of the previous save.
  • You can make all new topics in a specific category wiki by default (only the first post).
    • It is not a retroactive setting. If there are already existing topics within the category, they must be converted to wiki manually.
    • Topics created in a different category and then moved to a category with the Make new topics wikis by default setting enabled will not be converted to wiki.
    • Topics created in a category with the Make new topics wikis by default setting enabled and exported to another category will remain a wiki.
  • Any post of a topic can be transformed manually into a wiki. It does not necessarily have to be the original post.

Currently NOT supported in Wiki Posts

  • (Automatic) Table of Contents
  • Edit lock / Simultaneous editing
  • Footnotes

Further Reading


Editing a wiki-post does not seem to have an effect on the time-stamp, thus a recently modified post may appear old and is buried under the million other posts.

Should the time stamp be adjusted when editing?

Only edits to the last post of a topic bump it, and this cannot be configured right now.

@mcwumbly described a nice workaround over here:


This post is a NOTICE for some people that was interpreting “Wiki Post” as a kind of “Wikimedia replacement”. It is not.

A Wiki Post not be confused with a real “Wiki article”, as in Wikipedia (that is a Wiki implemented by Mediawiki)… There are dozens of Wiki article requirements not coverd by Wiki Post… The Wiki Post

  • Not creates or controls namespaces or ontologies;
  • Is “isolated” from other Wiki Posts, there are no automatic mechanism to create links and relationships between Wiki Posts, or namespaces.
  • … not a complete “article structure” (not all kinds of sections, image captions, tables, etc. etc.), a “real article” is richer to format.
  • … no hipertextual VisualEditor plan here …

So, the term “Wiki Post” is not to see as “like Wikipedia articles”, but a thing where “Wiki” is only to remember that it is an “open content”, where reader also can be a writer or reviewer.

PS: Discourse Wiki have “History” feature as Mediawiki :wink:


The killer missing features for my normal use are

  • ability to subscribe to changes on a wiki
  • ability to display a TOC and have sections
  • ability to edit a single section as opposed to the entire kaboodle (this is actually debilitating)

Should Discourse be able to send (email) notificications about changes of a wiki post?
What would we need for this?

  1. Subscription leves to categories and threads exist as Watching, Tracking, Normal, Muted. Where would a developer have to chime in at the code base to extend this list with a fifth entry for Watching Updates. Or should sane defaults present this behaviour just within the existing Watching case?
  2. Rendering a Table of Contents as such would stem from anchors included at all headline levels, which could already make individual section addressable in a way, that includes all text up to the next headline.
  3. Supposing the editor knows how to fetch these paragraphs, it would also have to apply the resulting edit’s diff to the whole again.

I would not add another “watching state” this would be very confusing. Instead when a wiki is updated just have the system add something to the stream. That also makes it easier to discuss diffs.

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Indeed, this stems from the shared good experiences with how GitHub interprets and displays events.
But, dear @sam, thanks for pointing out this little detail which I had inconsciously omitted. Turning Discourse into a proper, let’s say, wiki hypertext system, that allows for updating the upper summary annotated with a discussion, has big implications for

Also see


which mentions

Can I see who has edited the post and what they added?

Click the :pencil2: icon in the upper right corner, next to the date.


You can use this post if you want How can I make a post Wiki? - discourse - Demo.
Remember that almost all topics are deleted when the sandbox is updated (almost every day).

Have you considered writing a PM to yourself here on Meta, so you can change it whenever you like?


Hi, for some reason I don’t seem to have the Make Wiki function. How can I add it?

It looks like you’re using the ‘topic’ wrench. To make a post a wiki, you need to look for the wrench under the specific post:



I got it, thanks a lot for pointing it out.

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Is there a section that consolidates all the wiki posts? I’d like to create a mini-wikipedia section.

You can get a list using data explorer, but you would have to maintain a “directory” kind of page manually.


Thanks. I misunderstood the definition of wiki post. I thought of it as “Confluence Wiki” e.g. if someone posts a topic that is a really good reference material, I can flag it and make it standout more. Is there a feature like this?

I would recommend a tag here if you want to cut through categories. When you come across these topics add a tag and then you can easily find all of them. You can even make the tag staff only.


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