Why am I getting notifications for recategorized topics?

I am following a number of categories and tags here on meta:

However I don’t remember following the #bug category or tag and neither #support , and it is not shown in my profile. That’s why I would like to know why am i notified about these particular topics:


Have i enabled something which i have forgotten? Where should I check that?

The first was recategorised from #support to #feature to #bug.

The second started our in #feature

You’re tracking the first posts in #feature judging by the above.


Hmmm, that’s an interesting point which didn’t cross my mind.

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Why did I get a notification for this topic?

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Yer just special! :sunglasses:

Nah, your topic was referenced here, so you got a topic reference notification.

Which in a way… means you are special! :dizzy_face:


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