Why can't I override the robot?

I have global admin rights on our instance.

I came in this morning to this post in one of my threads:

Note the user’s name: https://evil.com and the username: hackeryajemaa

I tried to flag the post as a prelude to deleting it and the user, and got this:

Sorry, you can’t flag this post at this time.

This post was marked as not spam by Akismet

Uhm… What? The robot thinks it’s not spam, so a global admin can’t override that?


Certainly odd, just confirming though, you are still able to delete the post and the user, right?

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I’ve just had a similar example and it works for me:

I’m not sure what the difference is with the one you had? :thinking:


I couldn’t delete through that interface. As you see, all the buttons are grey.

I went to the user account & deleted from there.


I got a similar one today:

The post had already been flagged by the community and hidden, so perhaps that was the difference?

The ‘This post was marked as not spam by Akismet’ info is added to all eligible post that have been checked by Akismet (and deemed not spam), so is possibly unconnected to why you couldn’t flag it?


Hmm… looking back at my screenshot, it does seem a bit grey, although when I checked the changes (the pencil icon indicates 1 edit) the only one there was to download the image.

Since the flag icon shows up on anything that has been flagged - whether or not that flag was eventually upheld - I’m not sure what I should have been looking at.

If this post was indeed already hidden, what’s supposed to be indicating that to me? Just greyishness? I was expecting

  • a crossed-out eyeball
  • a visibility change entry in the edits list
  • …something else

In addition, even if the post was already hidden, shouldn’t I have been able to re-flag as a confirmation? Shouldn’t I have been easily able to get to spammer deletion from where I was looking at the spam?

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For the admin view, the content of a hidden post is still visible but greyed out like the username, etc rather than displaying the ‘View ignored content’ click-to-see mask a normal user would see. It doesn’t create an edit revision, but you do get the option in the post wrench to ‘unhide’ it which could be a way to double-check?

Admin view:

Normal view:

I think once it’s hidden it can’t accrue any more flags until it’s dealt with in the review queue, or the user has taken the opportunity to edit their post in response to the PM nudge they get.

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I’ve already clicked to expand the tool set to get to flag. Should I really have to click into the wrench menu?

My point here is that this should really be more obvious. And/or easy to use.

…then how did your example post get 2 flags? You had to find it in the review queue (I’m fairly sure mine was empty…?) to confirm the flag?


Ideally, it would be more obvious from the initial visuals. I was only suggesting that as a ‘belt and braces’ double-check. :slight_smile: I think the text ones may stand out more than the image ones perhaps?

My one is still in the review queue, and those two flags are the ones that tipped it over the edge to be hidden initially. To be honest, I’m not sure what’s happened to your one if it wasn’t in the queue. Did someone handle it previously and ‘Agree and keep post hidden’?

Though we are having an explore of our moderation screens and flow at the moment so this conversation/feedback is quite timely. :slight_smile:


TBH, I’ve never quite understood the review flow & I don’t know how to find / review things that have already been handled.

When I see a red flag in my notifications, I go handle it, but otherwise, I tend not to touch the things I can find because the controls don’t seem to do what I think they will.

For instance, if I see a visible post with the flag icon on it, I get curious, but clicking on the flag doesn’t give me the details - I honestly have no idea how to get the details - it just re-flags.


This is brilliant. :slight_smile: Well, okay, perhaps not brilliant - but you’re always great at feedback and this is perfect timing. Maybe ‘opportune’ would be a better word. :slight_smile:

You can check the moderation history of a flagged post from it’s post wrench, which will take you to its records in the review queue:

And you can also filter the review queue to pull up any handled ones using the options at the side:

The ‘default’ view that most people see is the initial ‘pending’ one with all the unhandled flags in, but there’s options in there for lots of other things too depending on what you’re looking for. I use ‘everything’ quite a lot to see what I’ve missed when I’m not here. :slight_smile:

Could these be more intuitive? Perhaps moving the moderation history into the flag modal?


…and how do I find the review queue when there’s nothing actively waiting for review? :smiley:

TBH, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the queue. Notifications take me directly to the posts needing review. And I …was pretty sure I’d poked everything in the admin space.


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You can find the full queue at /review, which should default to ‘pending’ and ‘score order’ I think?

Now we have a few navigation menu layout options the link is in slightly different places:


Header Dropdown: (under ‘more’ if there are no active flags)

Sidebar: (under ‘more’ if no active flags)

And changing the option to ‘everything’ and clicking refresh should give you a full list of all the handled flags. :slight_smile:



I have more feedback now. :smiley:

Is this the thread for it, or should I create a new one?


It would probably be cleaner to make this a support one and summarise what you’ve got into a new ux one, if that’s cool?. That way others could jump in with what they think too. :+1:


Just to link it up - Review UX feedback :slight_smile: