Workspace Views

I stumble across the same pattern as an admin installing community Discourse instances. Sometimes I need to see what non-admins see: filtering out what’s not of my current concern. Being able to reduce the scope helps focus. Workspace Views enable custom views assembling categories, topics, bookmarked posts and other related elements into focused structured composite dashboard.


  • Create a select-post-like functionality to capture selected elements (categories, topics, posts) into a trail (I’ve been reading As We May Think again)
  • Assign this trail to a private, editable, and shareable work space.


  • Focused work on specific issues
  • Preparation of structure contents (e.g., a game category similar to MUDs or IRC room story games, templates for research projects, organizational design, collective book or play writing)
  • Storytelling and Storyboards
  • Course/Curriculum Management
  • Event Planning
  • Communication Campaign
  • Etc.

What it looks like

An uncluttered traversal subset of your too large community that you can turn about a useful perspective from one or more users. You can have many of them accessible like bookmarks.