Category Previews

Thanks for those tips.

I tried a second example:

internal~Join Group X!~Come join our formerly top secret group.~

… then checked with both an anonymous session, and also by impersonating a non-admin and non group-x member user account. Unfortunately neither preview showed up including this second confirmation one. For my admin account, it looked OK, appearing directly above the “internal” slug category, as expected, with the correct link destination, etc.

We do have some things that aren’t quite normal seeming with respect to category displays, so it’s possible this is related to that, unless other folks end up finding a similar type of non-expected behavior. :slight_smile:


It is odd that it would display for the admin, but not for the other users that should also see it. Just to be sure, your internal category is visible to anons and non group-x users?


Thanks for that clue! I had misunderstood the purpose of the first field in the string. I had been using the “members only category” associated with group membership.

Once I changed the first field to an existing, public, open-to-everyone category, everything worked as expected. :tada:

news~Join Group X!~Come join our formerly top secret group.~/pub/membershipinfo~group-x

TLDR (for how my brain interpreted it) - I needed to understand that the first field is where you want the “preview” advertisement to appear in the category list. (In this case, just above the public “news” category.)