Category-Specific Moderators, phase 1 RFC

And these:

I see now that this has been a nuisance for at least a year. I’ll take a look at the code. Time to learn how Ember works.


Hi Jason,

This feature really helps us as we’d like to be able to support ‘groups’ on the forum Would you mind clarifying the following authority scope:

Use case 1. User wants to join a category. Would this be possible or do moderators have to invite them? It would be helpful if people could have a way of requesting to join and the request would go to the moderator of the category.

Use case 2. A user would like to choose whether their category has public or private write ability. Is this something on the roadmap?

Use case 3. A user would like to start a new category as a moderator (use case 2). How do they initiate this?


This proposal doesn’t say anything about the creation of categories (your item #3). A category must exist before a moderator can be assigned.

Do not confuse categories (collections of topics) with groups (collections of users). A user cannot join a category, only a group. Category access can be limited to particular groups. I’m addressing non-admin group invitations elsewhere (see Invitations to group-restricted topics).

Short answer: All this stuff must currently go through admin.

I know an easy way of implementing this. And it doesn’t need too much of explaining.
@sam, @codinghorror, how’s this idea?

That an easy UI change, but the internal changes required to carry this are quite huge. You need to expose partial flagging screens, allow more permissions to the group and so on. Its a huge change this is a tiny part of it.

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Well, yea. By implementing I ment easy front-end part, that is easy to understand for users. Not saying it’s easy to code or something. But do you plan to add this feature in any way thought? It’s kinnda critic for my forum now, because games! :smile: To explain this better - we have one staff in Tera guild and other staff in Black Desert guild. And all of them can moderate forum globaly. From my expiriense, people can turn out betrayers. Or just start fighting about something, raging out and try to break things. So I don’t like the idea that our forum holds on trust now, it turns me into paranoic big times.

Wow… what I just found in a search.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the reply. Picking up on this conversation, if a private category is already in place and a moderator is assigned (by admin / staff) can the moderator invite users to the private category?

We want to support closed conversations for specific groups on Folksy e.g. “Leeds Craft Team” or the “Renegade Seller Team” and there is a desire for these groups to have some autonomy over that conversation within the main forum.


The question of invitations relates to groups rather than categories. Group managers (as opposed to category moderators) have been implemented on the back-end but not exposed in the UI. But you could use that to set up specific users that can invite users into topics that are in restricted categories.

I find I have a need for this in my hosted forum.

I need to add moderators, but they shouldn’t see the content of one category.

What’s the status here?

It helps to check what is listed in the releases topic for the current and (if present) next version. That stuff can always be postponed to a future release, though.

Sure, but the last thread on the matter said v1.5, but I didn’t see a related link.

For anyone else curious , it’s up soon*!

*relatively speaking

Note that moderators are subject to access control - only admins are not.


What is the current status of this feature? Has it been rolled out yet?

Not developed yet. It is currently planned for #releases in 1.7


It looks like this feature made it into 1.6. How do I turn it on or configure it etc? I can’t seem to locate it in the Admin area. Thanks.

If you click and read the link above you will find #releases

If it gets completed early, it shows with a green checkmark on the same link.


Ok, so “Green Check” means that particular feature made an early appearance.


Not so much an early appearance, but in the current beta. Most Discourse sites follow the tests-passed development branch, and thus update fairly frequently as the developers add features. Unlike many pieces of software, Discourse development is constant and ongoing, not just a single large release every 4 months. So, right now this site, and many others are running Discourse 1.6.0.beta2, which has some features planned for Discourse 1.6. When a feature is developed, it is added to the site. Once all the planned features are added, and bugs squashed, then 1.6 is “released” to the stable branch, and those sites that don’t like the frequent updates get the new features. Make sense?


Is this still the plan? @codinghorror removed it from the 1.6 release post on May 16th without a note to the revision explaining why. Was it removed in error? Is it being pushed a version and now scheduled for 1.7 instead? Is it being dropped entirely?


Jeff would need to answer this himself, but I can say that it is not being dropped entirely. Features move between planned releases all the time, based on perceived interest level, need, and development time.