Disable trust level, new user messaging and navigating the admin setting

I’m really new to Discourse and there’s a lot of options. I want new users to be the lowest level and be able to just post, reply, and start new threads. I’d like all the users to not be able to message each other. No private messages between them. I don’t want trust levels to go up based on posts or reading posts. Users should stay at the trust level they are when they join the forum and admin or mods should upgrade that trust level if necessary. All posts should be approved and nothing users post that aren’t admin or mods shouldn’t be able to be edited or deleted.

how do you get themes to show on the front end menu? I like the look much more.

How do I get main Categories to show up on the main domain of the forum instead of all new posts? I like the old school forum look.

This is the case by default. Users start at trust level 0 with posting, replying and creating topics available to trust level 0.

You can search the settings at the top of that page, searching for “personal message” will give you what you want for this. Specifically, the setting is enable personal messages.

I don’t think you can disable trust levels entirely. However, tl4 is only available manually and tl3 can be disabled by setting the tl3 requires days visited to “101”, 1 higher than tl3 time period.

What you can also do is disable send tl1 welcome message and send tl2 promotion message, as well as adjust the other settings inside Trust Levels such that tl1 and tl2 do not confer any benefits over tl0. The ones to care about are all at the top of the Trust Levels section, besides two right at the very bottom.

In Badges, you can also find and disable the Basic and Member badges which would be awarded at tl1 and tl2. These changes should make tl0-tl2 largely invisible and have no effect on what users can do.

Search the settings for “approve” and you’ll find two unless trust level settings. Set both to tl3 or tl4 (depending on whether or not you want to allow manual tl3 users to be able to post without approval) and you will need to approve all posts from users you haven’t manually trusted.

Disabling edits can be done by setting min trust to edit post to tl4.

The theme selector in the menu comes from a theme component, which can be installed and added to all themes.

This can be controlled by the order of the top menu setting, that is whichever item you put first in that setting will be the default. I use categories, latest, new, unread, top myself, where new and unread get hidden if there aren’t any.

In general, most of the settings are fairly easily searchable when you find a behaviour you want to change, just be careful of inflection. For example, if you wanted to change a behaviour related to deletion, search for “delet” because some settings might use “delete” while others use “deleting”, etc.


What’s the maximum
“tl1 requires topics entered”

so that I can just lock users at tl0 because I don’t care. I set all the cool stuff to tl4.

If you click or tap the menu next to your profile circle image it drops down and has

Random Stuff

I want the themes on the front menu because they’re available on the profile settings and I think that’s just odd. I want them on the front main menu since it’s easier to switch themes.

Purely as a guess, the maximum is probably at least that of a 32bit signed integer, 2,147,483,647. It might be less if it’s stored as a different type or has an arbitrary limit.

The theme selector in the menu comes from a theme component, which can be installed and added to all themes.

I’ve updated my previous post to include this theme selector information.

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tl1_requires_topics_entered: Value must be between 0 and 2000000000.

I don’t think they’ll ever level up.

Days visited is
tl3_requires_days_visited: Value must be between 0 and 36500

How would I make a thing that people can read so they don’t post images and they’ll know that all posts and replies must be approved before being shown? Can I do something at the top or does a sticky usually just work?

If you have that many topics and someone reads them all, they probably deserve to level up! :slight_smile:

tl3_requires_days_visited just needs to be 1 higher than tl3_time_period to disable it, e.g. it’s impossible to visit on 101 days over a 100 day period.

If you don’t want to allow images in posts, (and also don’t want to allow video, etc. either) you can increase min_trust_to_post_embedded_media to make it unavailable. For anything else you want new users to see, you can pin one topic as a global banner which will make the contents of the first post appear at the top of pages.

As an aside, it’s probably best to post new questions as new topics. It makes it easier for other people to find answers in future if topics have clear opening questions and a marked solution.

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