Discourse Math Plugin

Summary: The math plugin uses MathJax (default) or KaTeX to render maths.

:link: GitHub: GitHub - discourse/discourse-math: Official MathJax support for Discourse

:arrow_right: Install: Follow the plugin installation guide.


You can render blocks of maths by wrapping with $$


You can render inline math by wrapping with a single $ like so: $E=mc^2$.

Discourse math uses a heuristic to ensure that sentences such as: “I spent 20$ and another 100$” do not get converted.

When using MathJax, you can also enable asciimath processing which uses % as a delimiter: %E=mc^2%


:warning: This plugin is disabled by default, after installing be sure to enable it via site settings.



  • We would love to support server-side rendering, there is already an online sample.


What about the old plugin?

There is a plugin maintained by @Kasper/ @masda70 called Discourse MathJax. This plugin is a ground up re-write to support the new markdown it engine. The main differences are:

  • It is much stricter about block and inline syntax, only $ and $$ blocks are supported

  • It embeds MathJax or KaTeX renderer so you do not need to use a CDN

  • It only loads the math renderer if it detects equations on the page.

  • It surgically applies renderer as opposed to performing full page scans.

  • It is well specified using specs


Seems to be not working properly.

I was writing a very long topic, with many formulas, but seems the plugin is not working when we have many formulas.

Anyone found the same phenomenon?

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Can you try switching the engine from MathJax to KaTeX in the plugin settings?