Edit a user setting for all Discourse users

(Arpit Jalan) #1

So you want to edit user setting for all Discourse users? Great, let’s get started!

From console, run this command:

./launcher enter app

Access Rails console:

rails c

From Rails console, run the query:

To set the last seen date for users who have never logged in (never seen):

User.where("last_seen_at IS NULL").update_all(last_seen_at: 1.week.ago)

To default all users to mailing list mode (send an email for every new post):

UserOption.update_all(mailing_list_mode: true)

To default all users to email always mode (do not suppress email notifications when user is active on the site):

UserOption.update_all(email_always: true)

That’s it, you have edited user setting for all Discourse users!

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(Jesse Perry) #2

What’s the best method of going about finding the names to these settings?

For instance what if I wanted to change the “Don’t jump to my post after I reply” setting for everyone? I don’t, just for example, is there a good way to find the setting name in Discourse files somewhere?

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(Mittineague) #3

The best place I’ve found so far is in the
/db/structure.sql file

(Kane York) #4

hmm? I’m not sure if that file’s actually used, I think it’s just kept as a reference for the result of the migrations.

ITYM using a psql console to change the column defaults.

(Jesse Perry) #5

Found this list (seems fairly comprehensive based off user prefs page):


From: /app/assets/javascripts/discourse/models/user.js.es6

(Krister Viirsaar) #6

Sorry to wake this long dead topic, but I used the User.update_all(mailing_list_mode: true) command - worked great. It worked so great that users mailboxes are flooded and I can’t switch it back anymore! Mailbox is going crazy.

But what’s really kicking my head in is that


returns false. That means the User.update_all(mailing_list_mode: false) command does work. BUT if I go to my settings the tick is still there and I still get all the emails ever.

What the hell is going on, where is Discourse really keeping this data?

(Sam Saffron) #7

It was moved to the user options table, next time you run migrations the old columns will be dropped

user.user_option.update_columns(mailing_list_mode: false)

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(Krister Viirsaar) #8

wow quick reply. thanks.

The command you gave does autocomplete in the terminal, but executing it produces error. I tried with both user and User

> user.user_option.update_columns(mailing_list_mode: false)
NameError: undefined local variable or method `user' for main:Object
from (pry):4:in `__pry__'

> User.user_option.update_columns(mailing_list_mode: false)
NoMethodError: undefined method `user_option' for #<Class:0x007f0e2102b968>
from /var/www/discourse/vendor/bundle/ruby/2.0.0/gems/activerecord- `method_missing'

(Krister Viirsaar) #9

Okay I think I got the hang of it.

User.find_by_username('Krister_Viirsaar').user_option.update_column('mailing_list_mode', false)

Just need to figure out how to apply this to all users now.

edit: ok got it (formatted for the command line oneliner)

User.find_each do |u|; u.user_option.update_columns(mailing_list_mode: false); end

Great first introduction to rails :smiley:

(Mittineague) #10

I call it “ActiveRecord” syntax. A bit different from other SQL syntax, but not all that hard to get used to.

(Sam Saffron) #11

To update all use

UserOption.update_all(col: val)

You don’t want to iterate through every record

(Krister Viirsaar) #12

as I said update_all updated the wrong thing unfortunately. I didn’t have many records anyway.

(Sam Saffron) #13

Had a typo there the table is user_options, updated

(Tobias Eigen) #14

Is the OP in this topic still correct and accurate? I am feeling a bit confused about the differences between the OP by @techAPJ and later posts by @sam like this one:

This morning I’d like to do the following three things:

  1. see a list of all users on my site and their digest frequency setting
  • see one user and their digest frequency
  • set the digest frequency to “weekly” for all users

I’d be grateful for up to date steps to do these things to help me along. :hatching_chick:

(Sam Saffron) #15

Step 1

Get data explorer installed then you can query stuff on the tables

(Jared Needell) #16

Or setup docker to expose psql and use PGadmin :slight_smile:

(Jay Pfaffman) #17

Perhaps @techAPJ or @sam should edit the OP with updates now that options are moved to a new table?

But what I really want to know is how can I apply settings to members of a group?

(Arpit Jalan) #18

Okay, done.

You will have to loop through group users, like:

beta_group = Group.find_by_name("beta")
beta_group.users.each do |user|
  UserOption.where(user_id: user.id).update_all(mailing_list_mode: true)

(Alex Armstrong) #19

I’d like to change everyone’s settings to this:

Capto_Capture 2017-12-14_15-40-51_

I’m not looking the answer, necessarily. I grok Ruby somewhat and can navigate GitHub so this can be a teach a man to fish moment :slight_smile:

But I’m not sure what setting to change using the OP’s code.

(Régis Hanol) #20

You need to change the notification_level_when_replying user option to watching :wink:

I’ll let you figure out the query. Let me know if you need help.