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Great component. Feature idea:

We only use it if there is a piece of breaking news to put something on top of everything else.

Now, the problem is, it does not collapse when there is nothing tagged “featured” and a big gap is then being displayed due to the min-heights set.

Thus, we always have to disable the component. The disadvantage: The user has to make a reload of the website before this comes effective. And I understand, to collapse it automatically e.g. with a class (in case there are no tagged topics) after the ajax would jitter the whole page.

But: Would it be possible, to have an “enabled” variable in the component that would collapse it and not execute the ajax (and the loading spinner) to fetch the tagged topics? Thus, a user does not have to shitf-reload the page in order to become effective.

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We have started testing this component today and noticed that the featured topics are in the order as they would appear in the Latest view - that is, the order will change as soon as anyone posts a reply to one of these topics. We’d like to be in control of these topics, and have them ordered by tagging date (with the most recently tagged first). Is this possible?


I posted a request on #marketplace to address sorting by tagging date. Fingers crossed!


I’ve made some updates!

  • You can now choose to show up to 5 topics (6 didn’t quite fit).
  • If there are no topics with images available the component does not display.
  • By default the topics now appear in the order they were created, so it will show the most recent topics (this allows admins to control positioning better). There’s a theme setting you can disable (sort_by_created) if you’d rather have these sorted by latest activity.
  • I switched the plugin-outlet this uses, so the topics now appear below site banners

Great @awesomerobot, now it is perfect. No more loading bar, when no topics are featured :grinning:


Very nice and useful new features, thanks! :+1:


Hey, I noticed you removed the ‘Show on All’ option? Was that on purpose? We’d rather like to keep it :slight_smile:


It was intentional; moving the plugin outlet made it harder to keep the all option… and I wasn’t sure if anyone was using it.

Anyway, it’s back now!

One downside is that there’s not an easy way to keep the topics below the banner and use the all option at the same time. Also note there’s an additional setting ,above main container, that you’ll want to enable when using all.


Hello !

Thank you so much !
With these last functions the plugin becomes essential :slight_smile:

Could there be a setting to choose which topic will be displayed on mobile?
Or better, the possibility of having a topic only on mobile and others only on Desktop? (or both if necessary)

Thank you !