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Looks like there’s a conflict between the plugins. @merefield and I will discuss and get back to you :slight_smile:


Yeah these two ‘plugins’ do something very similar so aren’t really intended to work together. TLP is definitely not developed and tested with News Plugin installed.

It’s not completely unreasonable to get them to work together but that’s going to be very low priority for me.


I’ll check back with it later then. Thank you all for everything you all do @angus @merefield


It seems there is a bug when showing long link. It will oversize.

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Minor Bug: … and can’t really say it a bug; may be a UX edge case. If the header is a dark color, the News item in the header is not visible. Incidentally on my setup it was the same color as the header background. After lookin through the forums, I suddenly hit CTRL + A on my site and it showed up :joy:

Not sure what’s the way to highlight it but may be a apply a default setting of a colored background (which can be disabled by the admin)? Thanks

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How to add the /news on my site like you ?

My discourse setup on and i want do the same like you, can you explain please.


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Did you install the plugin described in the first post? Did you enable it?

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seconding this request. it would be a game changer for this plugin in a massive way.


Jay, (or any other News Plugin Users) do you have any insights on why this /News plugin might be blocking google from properly creating a meta tag for the site.

My Site Description info is being completely ignored by Google - so I get no description in the google results page.

Is anyone else using the NEWS plugin and having this problem?

Here are details on my Problem:

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This is unrelated to the News Plugin. See further


In Darkmode Newsfeed is not showing correctly.

Any suggestions .? Thank you

Yeah, that has been a long term issue as the plugin has never been made compatible with user-selected light/dark modes.

I’m also interested in dark mode. Would it be possible to request it as a feature? Thanks Angus.

This plugin now supports dark mode thanks to @MattiaB :tada:


It looks like the plugin is broken on mobile: width is not responsive and is higher than the maximum width of the phone. Also, the share button doesn’t work. Clicking it simply does nothing.

I would love to try fixing those issues but I’ve spent hours with no success. The plugin uses max-width on mobile, set to 100%, but for some reason it’s still fixed and bigger than it should be.

Great plugin and working well for me.

The only problem I have is with the /news.xml file. Core Discourse generates a /news.xml file as part of the sitemap. I’ve confirmed this exists on

Unfortunately on my site, is just a file with a 406 error status. Its supposed to be a list of all new posts, but is empty here.

Does this plugin generate / interact with the news.xml file in any way? Have I accidentally nuked it somewhere else? I’ve searched and not seen anything about options to enable / disable news.xml, so am wondering what’s going on. All suggestions welcome. Thanks!

The news.xml path is part of the sitemap. This plugin doesn’t effect it in any way. See further

Make sure the sitemap is enabled.

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Thanks Angus, for telling me that this doesn’t touch news.xml and that that’s still handled by the sitemap. I checked and the sitemap is always enabled and included in core discourse since 2.9.0.beta4. I’m on 2.9.0.beta9, so that’s covered. I’ve confirmed that sitemap is correctly generated.

The problem was simple (in hindsight). In the Github page for the old sitemap plugin I found the following information:

  • /news.xml : special sitemap for Google News containing all new topics in the last three days

So if you’ve not got a recent new topic, there’s nothing in news.xml :frowning:

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I’ve been using the News plugin for the past 9 months and generally its working well.

One question I have is why do you not implement infinite scroll on the home page of the news screen. Right now it seems to be limited to something like 30 posts and then stops. So all the older news stories are effectively invisible to people.

I’d much prefer to see infinite scroll on the homepage of the news plugin so people can just keep scrolling to see all the older news items.

Is this an easily modifiable variable somewhere (I’m not a software engineer - I’m a business guy).

Infinite scroll is everywhere else in discourse - so its strange from a user standpoint that its not on the homepage (though I know the plugin handles the home page and the discourse app handles the main forum).


Yes, it should have infinite scroll. I think it did at some point. I haven’t had time to ensure it’s working on the latest version of Discourse.

As a general rule, the answer is hardly ever an easily modifiable variable :wink: