Topic List Thumbnails

Great! No problem.

Just go ahead and follow up here and we’ll add a current feature request section to the OP. There’s a way around it with a CSS hack that I can share if it’s critical, but it would be ideal if we can properly implement a solution in the component.


I second this feature request. :slight_smile: Custom placeholder image would be a great addition to the theme component!


And a custom placeholder image per category would be heaven on earth. :wink:


This would be brilliant!
Boss and I were trying to figure out how to not make everything look exactly the same and he mentioned asking if we could have multiple options.

Could we please have custom images, @tshenry?

Lilo And Stitch Please GIF


Me too, i would like to be able to refer to any image in OP (not only last image).

:point_up_2: this works, but as a “workaround”, not a fix.

I believe ideally we could be able to indicate the exact image we would like thumbnail from. Maybe something like the spoiler/hide - but without the triangle. :slight_smile:


Did you try this format?


I’ve just added a feature request section to the OP! It’s particularly busy days around here right now, so I suspect it’s going to be a little while before any of us can look at it. I’ve set a reminder to check on this in a month. In the mean time, if anyone wants to submit a PR that adds the functionality, they are more than welcome.


Yes, thank you @renato .

Maybe i did not put my question right…

My point is, for example in this conversation:

The first image of the topic is in the post #2.
So, it seems there is no images in this topic, and so, no thumbnail.

I would like thumbnail to be for the image in post#2, like this:

But it only shows this if I paste the image from post#2 (or any other post) into post#1.

It works, but don’t make sense… for example, how will the image, with explanation, be there with the question? :slight_smile:


My workaround when I want a Topic List thumbnail but don’t want (and/or don’t have) an image in the Topic Post, is to insert a tiny-sized version of an image (50px x 32px) at the bottom of the Topic post. It’s blurry but at least it’s minimal on the post…

Here is one example of a post wherein the only content is an iFrame…

… and here’s what the Topic List Thumbnail looks like…


Thanks so much. I love this component. Any idea how to get thumbnails to show up in the Kanban view Kanban Board


What would be the easiest way to set the masonry layout to have maximum 2 columns instead of 3 via CSS?


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hi -

i wonder why the excerpt is limited to the list view and is not showing up in the tile/mason view.

would it be possible to have the excerpt also show up in the tile/grid/masons mode?

kind regards

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@david Is there a way to just not show an image thumbnail or the space for the image if there is no image (instead of showing the comment icon)? In other words… can the title just show for the topics that have no image?

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I noticed that if you specify certain categories for the component to work, then in the sections New, Discussed, Recent and others, where topics from several categories, all topics will work with the component globally, although they are not specified in the settings

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