Topic List Thumbnails

Great! No problem.

Just go ahead and follow up here and we’ll add a current feature request section to the OP. There’s a way around it with a CSS hack that I can share if it’s critical, but it would be ideal if we can properly implement a solution in the component.


I second this feature request. :slight_smile: Custom placeholder image would be a great addition to the theme component!


And a custom placeholder image per category would be heaven on earth. :wink:


This would be brilliant!
Boss and I were trying to figure out how to not make everything look exactly the same and he mentioned asking if we could have multiple options.

Could we please have custom images, @tshenry?

Lilo And Stitch Please GIF


Me too, i would like to be able to refer to any image in OP (not only last image).

:point_up_2: this works, but as a “workaround”, not a fix.

I believe ideally we could be able to indicate the exact image we would like thumbnail from. Maybe something like the spoiler/hide - but without the triangle. :slight_smile:

Did you try this format?


I’ve just added a feature request section to the OP! It’s particularly busy days around here right now, so I suspect it’s going to be a little while before any of us can look at it. I’ve set a reminder to check on this in a month. In the mean time, if anyone wants to submit a PR that adds the functionality, they are more than welcome.


Yes, thank you @renato .

Maybe i did not put my question right…

My point is, for example in this conversation:

The first image of the topic is in the post #2.
So, it seems there is no images in this topic, and so, no thumbnail.

I would like thumbnail to be for the image in post#2, like this:

But it only shows this if I paste the image from post#2 (or any other post) into post#1.

It works, but don’t make sense… for example, how will the image, with explanation, be there with the question? :slight_smile:

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