Allow moderators to change topic timestamp [feature] (2)
Ranking answers [feature] (5)
Multiple Cursor support in the composer / editor [feature] (2)
Asking for access to a private category [feature] (10)
Understanding subcategories [feature] (7)
Display link to user profile from an OAuth provider [feature] (4)
Discourse 2.3.0.beta2 Release Notes [announcements] (2)
Markdown for image resize by px, not percent [feature] (6)
Adds support for label and for attribute on select-kit [feature] (3)
Remove all EXPIRED invitations [feature] (3)
Please add option to send only one notification email per Watched post per user until he returns [feature] (12)
Ability to Follow and Friend other users ( 2 3 4 5 6 ) [feature] (117)
Remove wiki feature from shared drafts upon publishing [feature] (7)
Hotkey for next suggested topic [feature] (18)
Import Tumblr Post to Discourse [feature] (2)
Disallow anonymous users from viewing image & file URLs ( 2 ) [feature] (23)
Support for automatic backup encryption (GPG?) [feature] (8)
Feature Request - Push Authentication (Authy) [feature] (2)
POST /invites: add user name? [feature] (1)
Selectable avatars [announcements] (9)
Edit URL into a topic title after creation? [feature] (7)
Detect spam TL0 users when using Akismet plugin [feature] (6)
Adding social share buttons to all badges when rewarding them [feature] (2)
Feature Request: Sponsored Posts [feature] (7)
New monetisation feature proposition [feature] (7)
Scroll jank when scrolling up [feature] (8)
A way of tagging someone without notifying them [feature] (4)
Would it be possible to have category page style as a profile option? [feature] (2)
Make Discourse play nice with the Wayback Machine ( 2 ) [feature] (36)
Restrict certain Tags to a category, but still allow that category to use all other Tags [feature] (20)