Discourse BBCode

:information_source: Summary Discourse BBCode adds the ability to use BBCode to format posts.
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The Discourse BBCode plugin pulls in much of the BBCode syntax into Discourse.

Out-of-the-box: Discourse already supports [i], [b], [s], [u], [quote], [url], [email] and [code], this plugin fills in some more of the gaps to provide a more “BBCode” ™ experience.

It supports two types of constructs.

Multiline constructs, which encompass a block. Multiline constructs must never start or end in the middle of a line.

Like this example


Inline constructs

Inline constructs that can be embedded in paragraphs [s]like so[/s].

  • [size=SIZE] : set the size of text

  • [font=FACE]: set the font face for text

  • [color=COLOR]: set the [color=#381]color[/color] of text [/li]

  • [bgcolor=COLOR]: set background color of text

  • [highlight]: Highlight text

  • [small]: Make text very small

  • [aname=NAME]: create an anchor in your document with a name

  • [jumpto=NAME]: jump to anchor created with aname

Block level constructs


* item
* item


[li]this is a list item[/li]


[*] this is an item
[*] this is **an** item

Text alignment

Center some text

Right align some text

Left align some text

:warning: Careful with this plugin… It can easily be used for abuse by hiding text and making text unreadable, BBCode will make your markup less understandable