Enable AI Bot

This topic covers the configuration of AI Bot feature of the Discourse AI plugin.


The AI Bot is a chatbot that allows for direct integration with generative AI powered by OpenAI (ChatGPT), Anthropic (Claude), Stability AI (Stable Diffusion) and others!

AI Bot walkthrough


  • Ability to pick the specific AI Bot persona you want to interact with
  • Flexibility around which Large Language Model (LLM) provider you can use (Anthropic/Open AI)
  • Multiple people can interact with the AI Bot at the same time in the same UI
  • Automatically titles private messages (PMs) with the AI Bot
  • Replies are generated continuously through streaming and can be stopped at any time
  • Enable bot for a specific subset of users


Depending on the help you need, you have several different “personas” to choose from. These personas are preset and predefined, users can pick any of the personas before chatting with AI Bot. These personas are designed to best serve the needs of your community and help you get the best answer to your questions…

  • Forum Helper: General purpose AI bot capable of performing various tasks. Can search your current Discourse instance and use that information to build responses
    • i.e - What are the top posts for AI?
  • SQL Helper: AI Bot specialized in helping craft SQL queries on this Discourse Instance (aware of your current DB schema)
    • i.e - Write me a query to find all the AI bot messages by a specific customer/user
  • Artist: AI Bot specialized in generating images. Need a Stable Diffusion API key
    • i.e - Draw me a picture of a cat
  • Settings Explorer: AI Bot specialized in helping explore Discourse site settings. (aware of Discourse source code)
    • i.e - How do I enable Discourse AI on my Discourse site?
  • Researcher: AI Bot with Google access to research information for you. Need a Google Custom Search API key
    • i.e - How many legs does a dinosaur have?
  • Creative: AI Bot without any external integrations
    • i.e - Come up with 5 ideas to improve community engagement


:discourse: Hosted by us? Currently, this module is available for all hosted by Discourse customers on any plan. :tada:

It comes pre-installed on most plans, and if you’re an Enterprise customer you can contact us to have it added to your site on request. :discourse:

:information_source: Self-hosted users can install the plugin anytime by following Install Plugins in Discourse - sysadmin - Discourse Meta

Enabling AI Bot



  1. Go to Admin settings-> Plugins → search or find discourse-ai and make sure its enabled
  2. Checkmark ai_bot_enabled to enable AI Bot
  3. Pick the group of users through ai_bot_allowed_groups to allow specific access to the AI Bot.
  4. Select the Large Language Model (LLM) model you would like to use ai_bot_enabled_chatbots, by default its GPT-3.5-turbo but you can also pick GPT-4 and/or Claude-2

Technical FAQ

  • Why am I seeing bot users such as claude_bot, gpt3.5_bot and gpt4_bot being added as admins to my site?
    • These users are necessary for AI Bot to function. They don’t do anything in the background and are only used when interacting with the bot.
  • Where do I edit personas?
    • Head to /admin/plugins/discourse-ai/ai_personas you can control which personas are enabled and who gets access to each persona.
  • Is the AI Bot trained on my community data?


  • The bot is an area of much experimentation and is changing rapidly
  • The bot does not always provide 100% accurate results
  • We recommend enabling the bot for specific user groups to help control costs, as 3rd party providers charge on a per usage basis