[Superceded] What cool data explorer queries have you come up with?

This topic became too long to be easily searched and has been broken down into separate topics. If you have any questions about how to write a Data Explorer query, or have one to share, please start a new topic in the data & reporting category and tag it with the sql-query tag. :+1:

:information_source: For an alternative searchable list of queries that were in this topic, see @SidV’s query list on GitHub.


Hello Super Discourse Users

I wanted to tell you that I started to “play” with the Data-Explorer plugin and I was impressed by the possibilities it offers, I’m super happy with the tool.

I am grateful to the genius who has come up with the creation of the plugin.

As I’m debugging almost every query I’ve been reading, I’ve created a repository and a list of queries.

When I can, I add improvements to the query as parameters, to make it more dynamic.

You can check the list here:

I have maintained the sources of each query in each file, so that when in doubt about the queries, they can send their doubts to the user who created it.

Thank you for any contributions you want to make, we can also use the repository as a backup of the queries you have.

Thank you in advance for making this possible.

A hug from Argentina,