How do I create a whisper post?

Whispers are a staff-only feature that allows for private discussion between staff members inside a public topic.

Before whisper can be used, they need to be enabled by an administrator by checking enable whispers in site settings.

When enabled, all staff members can create a whisper by starting to create a reply as usual, selecting the :gear: icon in the toolbar and clicking Toggle whisper:

The composer will indicate that the reply is a whisper by showing (whisper) next to the title.


Has the “when the last post is a whisper unread needs to be dismissed” thing been fixed yet?

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No, and it looks like it’s going to take a while (would need a major refactor).


I enable whisper but other user can’t see button toggle whisper, Don’t i add user to staff? How i add users to staff?
Can i add other group to whisper toggle? Not admin or modarator…

Can anyone whisper post but only staff and this user see whisper?

Whispers can only be used by staff users, i.e. users that are Moderators or admins.


Can someone confirm whether TL4 users can whisper or not, and if they can how to enable it? I cannot find a clear answer in the documentation / configuration about trust levels and whispers.

I think I misspoke there. I don’t think TL4 users can whisper, only staff. Maybe @sam can confirm?


I just tested it, TL4 cannot whisper.


Is there a way to undo whisper?

Eg. transform a post from whisper to normal?

No there is not. Only fix is to delete and post again. I have been through this with the core team in the past.