How to set and use group mentions and messages

Out-of-the-box nobody can send messages to groups or trigger mention notifications.

To change this, you can go to the Manage tab of a group’s page and select the “Interaction” section from the left navigation sidebar. Find the settings labeled “Who can @mention this group?” and “Who can message this group?”

Additionally you may adjust the group’s visibility settings.

Mentioning groups

When users perform “autocomplete” using the @ key, all visible groups will show up. This means that out-of-the-box you can talk about groups like @trust_level_0 and so on, Discourse will perform automatic linking.

Enabling @mentions will notify all of the group’s members whenever it is mentioned. When a user attempts to mention a group, they will see a message in their composer that says:

By mentioning @group, you are about to notify 2 people – are you sure?"

:warning: As a safeguard a site setting was added - max users notified per group mention - which is defaulted to 100. Even if you enable mentions on a group with 101 users, no notifications at all will be generated when they are mentioned.

Sending messages to a group

You can use a group name as target for a message (provided the group allows messaging)

This correctly links to the group from the message page:

Improved group pages

All group mentions are tracked in the database, this allows us to display them in the group page under the Activity > Mentions section of the group’s page.

For example @trust_level_0 will make this post show up in the mentions list for the trust_level_0 group


Speaking of @trust_level_0, do we want to show the posts of the users which have a trust level of 0 (thus including users with a higher trust level) or only show the posts of the users which are at trust level 0?

The group, by design, is inclusive of all users that attained level 0, aka all users. It makes sense as a security construct especially at tl1 and above, don’t see any real need to change it

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I just checked in an additional change that ensures users are warned if they go about mentioning a notifiable group.

For example: if I @mention @team I see this warning:

If you try to do the same you will see no warning cause you can not trigger a notification by mentioning @team


We can’t currently invite groups to an existing message. Should that be possible?


I can confirm that it is indeed not possible to invite groups to an existing message. I totally think this should be possible - should we repost this as a feature request or bug, @sam?

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It’s a feature req, but I want to get it done, mechanics are a bit tricky, especially notification wise


I am having trouble making this work. I am member of a group, when someone mentions the group i do not get any notification at all. The group mentions tab is also empty.

I’ve tried sending message to a group, but the only get a notification in the “{group} inbox” on the site, no email is sent out. The default settings for group notifications is “watching”. I don’t know if this is by design.

Use Case: I’ve created a new group and want to send out instructions. With the default (?) settings, i’ll have to wait until everyone goes back to the site and checks the “{group} inbox”.

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?



I’m in the same boat as @johno. How can I send a group PM and have the users of that group be alerted via email?

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can we restrict the users to not see the list of messages in a group even though he can post messages in it for private email support.

Same here… (we’re running Discourse 1.8.0)

You are going to have to “watch” the group…


Watch the group, or watch the category? I know how to watch a category, but how do you watch a group?

And is there any way for me as an admin to enable watching a group by default for new users? (I guess I could “impersonate” each of them in sequence, our group is only about a dozen members so not too much work)

Go to: https://your.discourse/my/messages/group/<groupname> and click on the notification level dropdown above the messages.

Go to: https://your.discourse/admin/groups/custom/<groupname> and set “Default notification level for group messages” to watching.


I have noticed that this will happen regardless of whether the poster is allowed to mention the group or not, and whether the group is visible to all users or not.

I think that at least when the group isn’t visible, it should not link, because in that case it is just a dead link. And in most cases where the group isn’t visible, no one is allowed to mention or message it either, so if the @group link starts floating around, people may become confused about why no one responds to their mentions or why they can’t message the group. Perhaps there could be added a warning if a user tries to mention a group they aren’t allowed?

While testing this, I also came across a peculiar error when trying to send a message to a group I wasn’t allowed to message. I received the error

To do this, I started a message, filled in the message title, then used the autofill mention to mention the group in the body, and then using the autofill mention to add the group as a recipient.
On my main user (admin), it didn’t work until after a few tries. On the other users it worked immediately.

I tried this for two groups. Both groups were set to allow nobody to message them, but were visible to all users. I tried it on every trust level, as a moderator and as an admin, all across different users. I tried it across multiple browsers and devices, both mobile and desktop. But I only tested it on


By default Discourse 1.8 has a limit set for maximum number of members to notify of messages tagged for a group. The default value is lowish 100, which prevents mass sending of notifications to for exp. user levels on larger communities.

I would like to send occasional alerts to different user levels. Why is the default value so low and is there a reason not to add couple of zeros to it?

Also, if 100 members is set as the maximum number of members to get notified, why the end users get a warning for tagging larger groups?

@rizka Did I get it right?

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Yeah, that is all. To be more specific, you aren’t warned when you can’t mention a group. However when you can but the size of the group is greater than “max users notified per group mention”, then you get a really misleading pop-up warning.

I think that @trust_level_0 isn’t used for notifying by many Discourse admins. There are alternatives. For instance, we could abandon the “Admin announcements” thread and replace it by a new category for announcements. Only staff would have right to create topics, but everyone could reply. We could set topics as banner topics when necessary. They would catch the eye of anyone who arrives, including guests.

Is there a setting that needs enabling to message a built-in group? I’m trying to message all TL2 users. Is that possible? I’ve got the setting to allow admins and mods to message this group, but the group name doesn’t appear in the editor when selecting who you want the message sent to.


It works in my test site


Are you sure you edit this setting?


Yup, I have that set correctly. Still can’t see the group name appear when crafting my message. Thanks!

Does the group need to be visible perhaps? Mine is not.