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Always use %{count} variable when translating pluralized strings (5)

Some languages use the “zero” and/or “one” key for more than the values 0 and 1. Please use the correct variable (like %{count}) if you are translating one of those languages. The actual value will be truncated to the st…

How to add a new language (12)

Contribute to the Transifex project The first step is to do some translating in the Transifex project. Create an account at Transifex and join a team for one or more languages. Add language to Discourse You have two opt…

How to check locale files for errors (5)

Have you ever wondered why a translated string isn’t used by Discourse? Is Discourse showing wrong numbers and dates when a locale other than English is used? Are you seeing “Invalid Format” errors in some parts of Disco…

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