Kanban Board Theme Component

We really like this great and helpful theme component. Works like charm since installation!

We only could never get to work the “default view” on any category. Is this a known bug? Anyone else experieng this (on recent discourse versions)?


Great component!
is it possible to choose just a handful of tags to be used as columns? Obviously these tags would belong to the “can only pick one from this group” ?


Yes, I am experiencing this same issue. Should the syntax of the default view be simply the name of the category?

It seems load error when see in categories view
And so long time you do not have any update for this theme

Could you continue to develop this, please?

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I hope this will not be abandoned :frowning_face:

Would it be possible to make each of the column headings to link to /tags/c/CATAGORY/TAG_NAME, you can then see just that tag in a single list, but better, you can click New Topic and create a new topic with that tag. It saves, by my count, a hundred clicks that it takes to assign a tag when creating a topic.


Is it possible to have the board as choice in the top menu?
I can’t find it.

Default view doesn’t seem to work.

I’ve got this problem too. But only on one of two Forums (both on same versions of Discourse and the Kanban component). I’ll investigate.


Could you view post in modal box - Like trello?
It makes user view multi card and navigate easier.

Not sure if this helps to narrow down the issue, but I use Kanban with Layouts + category list widget, and I’ve noticed when I click a link in Layouts sidebar to a category that is supposed to default to Kanban view, it initially shows the ?board=default view, but clicking the same category link from the sidebar a second time will load the category without the ?board=default view.

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This is generating a bunch of modifyClass errors due to New installs will default to Ember CLI builds in Production

 to prevent errors, add a `pluginId` key to your changes when calling `modifyClass`
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Is there a way to hide the button which brings up the Kanban Board options? I want set that in the config for the board and not let it get messed with accidentally.

Not sure what account level the button is visible to, but even if it’s only staff I’d like it out of the way.

Could you upgrade kanban for private mesage?
It will be helpful to display messages in tags

If you want a Kanban board…

Make a private category assigned to a private group. Makes no sense in regards to private messages… cause then they aren’t private.

Maybe I don’t understand the use case. But, an invite-only group-only assigned category will keep anyone else from accessing the Kanban board without your express permission. You can then assign a private tag grouping invisible to the rest of your forum.

In addition you could assign a custom 3rd party email (not your Discoure default) for group related messaging. Makes for an excellent private sub-forum and you can add in this Kanban theme to it if you have administrator assistance.

You can also make your group, or a related group, moderators of your private category.

Try this CSS; it preserves the expand button but hides the settings:

// Hides the Kanban settings button but preserves the expand button
.kanban-spacer .btn {
   display: none;
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There are so many reasons to use private message, not a forum category.

Simply you know, that is reason why private message exists, beside others. I just want to develop for only private messages here.

Just be aware there is no advantage to private messages as opposed to a private group. Both are equally accessible to admins.

If you PM me I can just add anyone I wish to the conversation at any time.
Any admin can read your private message without your knowledge.
This is in addition to tags and categories and themes not applying to private messages.

Just thoughts. Good luck on it!

It seems that at first. But you will make trouble when you try to use group like private message for long time in forum.

There are so many, but I tell you this first:

  1. Admins love private message because they do not want to pump ton of mess info to forum, which is duplicated and can not re-use for reader.
  2. If you try to use wrong function of group information, you will break up “search function” with mess info, and this will make discourse weaker to manage info in forum.

Like I said, so many other reasons. And that is why private message exists, beside others.

Accessible yes. Visible, no. Private Messages that do not include the admin do not appear in any feed whatsoever. While anything in the Forum appears in Latest unless specifically muted.

Tags do apply to PMs (but only for staff).

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I’m getting an issue where I can see the board when it’s set as the default for a category, but the option to see the board isn’t available in my options anymore.