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@david Could you let us know if you’ve observed this as well and if we could expect a fix in the near future?


I think I’m getting to some kind of incompatibility between the Kanban plugin and the link structure to create new topics

When I use a link with a category that has a kanban board by default the new Topic link doesn’t work.


I don’t see any error in the console… Any hint on where could I look to see where the problem is exactly coming froim?


I’m getting this behaviour;
2nd level category ‘makerfaire-planning’ (hoping to use tags mode)

board works (and board button shows up) if I make planning default view, but not if I just add planning to display categories…

console with just display selected:

settings page: iirc the input box used to search for existing topics when partial text was entered; This seems like it’s not getting any return from the query so offers to let me create a category link.

Using the category filter does not seem to have any effect. Whatever category I select, all categories are still displayed.

Any idea of a solution to this problem?


I’ve added a fix here:

let us know if you still run into the problem after updating!


Great to see this TC getting some love! It is super useful.

Any chance that we could get the nice Board link back? I miss it! I’ve taken a look but don’t understand how on earth it puts (or is meant to put) the link in there.


It’s working fine now, thanks for fixing!

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I’ve been asked to get a quote on how much it would cost to modify this plugin for a project proposal.

I thought i’d cross-post here as the people watching this thread are likely to be the ones who already know the code and how the plugin works.

The task would be:

  1. Adding a visual burn up/burn down chart underneath to help users track progress towards goals
  2. Enabling drag and drop on a mobile device
  3. Automatically un-assigning users when the task is moved into a designated column (usually ‘done’)

I sitll have the same issue on discourse stable 2.8.7
Whenever I assign a specific category in display categories, the Board link disappears. When leaving display categories empty, the link is displayed properly.

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I like this, but I wish it has support for floating style themes.

Hey guys

I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but the “Board” button does not appear whenever I add any category into the display categories fields. When it’s left empty, the “Board” button appears globally as expected.
Tested on 2.9beta9, even with safe mode will all plugins disabled.

See the quick video below:


You aren’t doing anything wrong, that has been a problem for ages.

I didn’t know that the Board button was actually working when Kanban was on globally. That points to a problem in the logic here, eh?


Do you have a fix in mind? Maybe the team would support a PR? Unfortunately I am not a dev, otherwise I would submit something :slight_smile:

I’m no dev either! More an occasional amateur hack.

I’ve found the responsible code but the details confound me sorry.

Kanban isn’t playing nicely with sidebar at the moment. The expand and filter icons hover over the sidebar, nothing below Tracked can be interacted with.

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And seems that the scrollbar hover over the sidebar too. On Edge browser.

I’m trying to install this theme component for a forum I admin and ran into these two problems…

Fortunately, by modifying a part of the source code, I succeeded. It works fine on my forum now.

Due to my poor code quality and huge modification of the settings, the modified theme components are not compatible with the official version, so I will not submit a Pull Request.

I don’t know if my modification can help you.

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@Lhc_fl - that is brilliant!!

I’ve copied over just your fix for the nav button here, tested it, and made a PR:

I had a look at your fix for sidebar compatibility but struggled to pull out the relevant bits. Also, it didn’t seem to respect the configured number of columns visible. So I’ve left that for now.


Thank you for your encouragement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got lazy on this part, it shouldn’t be too hard to fix if needed. XD
I’ll fix this later and get back to you.

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@nathankershaw It seems that this problem can be solved by simply replacing the following in common.scss

width: calc(
      (#{$large-width} - (8px * (#{$num-columns} - 1))) / #{$num-columns}


width: MAX(
      calc((100% - 8px - (8px * (#{$num-columns} - 1))) / #{$num-columns}),
      calc((#{$large-width} - 250px - (8px * (#{$num-columns} - 1))) / #{$num-columns})

I am very sorry that I am not a native speaker of English, it is a little difficult for me to understand this sentence. If you mean the principle of the fix, I changed its width from full screen to 100% (of the <div class="full-width">).