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@Lhc_fl - that is brilliant!!

I’ve copied over just your fix for the nav button here, tested it, and made a PR:

I had a look at your fix for sidebar compatibility but struggled to pull out the relevant bits. Also, it didn’t seem to respect the configured number of columns visible. So I’ve left that for now.


Thank you for your encouragement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I got lazy on this part, it shouldn’t be too hard to fix if needed. XD
I’ll fix this later and get back to you.

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@nathank It seems that this problem can be solved by simply replacing the following in common.scss

width: calc(
      (#{$large-width} - (8px * (#{$num-columns} - 1))) / #{$num-columns}


width: MAX(
      calc((100% - 8px - (8px * (#{$num-columns} - 1))) / #{$num-columns}),
      calc((#{$large-width} - 250px - (8px * (#{$num-columns} - 1))) / #{$num-columns})

I am very sorry that I am not a native speaker of English, it is a little difficult for me to understand this sentence. If you mean the principle of the fix, I changed its width from full screen to 100% (of the <div class="full-width">).


That is a vast improvement! I tweaked the number from 250 to 500; this allowed the specified number of columns to persist until the screen was a bit smaller (seemed to be about 700 pixels vs 950)

I meant that I was not smart enough to understand what you had done!

I tried to improve the ‘grabber’ in the bottom right of the Kanban part, but that seems tricky. It is via .discourse-kanban ::-webkit-resizer. So I gave up.

Lastly, here is a PR for the sidebar compatibility:

PS I love the scroll bars too - will package them up later if/when these fixes get merged!!


Just pulled back on this PR for now until we sort out a couple of issues.


It seems good now, so PR is open again

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Just ran into this one, looking forward to a resolution so thanks everyone for their hard work, we’re looking to use this as a roadmap for a feature request category.

It is kind of stuck in linting / code approach limbo at the moment.

@david - once Christmas madness settles down, any chance you can help with getting this PR over the line to get this bug for the board buttons sorted? Or anyone else for that matter!

Until I upgrade my dev skills a bit more I’m not going to be able to progress this.


In fact I noticed that there are many more bugs that need to be fixed. So I gave up and continued developing. My skills are not enough too :smiling_face_with_tear:
It looks like a lot of the APIs used are broken.


Is it possible to setup the board page to display 4 columns of specific tags as the same view for everyone?

When it is set to tags with nothing specified, it displays correct, but when I choose 4 tags the view is empty (no topics) even though those tags were showing correctly when it wasn’t chosen (all tags).

Hi, I’ve searched up and down. I must be missing something. Is there a way to order columns? I’m using the Tags Mode.

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You can change the order of tags you specified.
For example:


Oh! Bless your heart! Thank you!

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That worked! Thanks to @Lhc_fl for helping. In case anyone is wondering, to set the order of columns using the tags mode:
it’s category:tags:tag1,tag2,tag3, e.g. roadmap:tags:discovery,design,build,testing
Tags must be lowercase. Do not add a hashtag in front, it’s added automatically.

I played with the CSS, so my board looks a bit different.


Is there (currently) a way to have an image or a snippet of text display within a topic card in the Kanban board?

I’m using the Topic Thumbnails component by David Taylor.

e.g. the first column contains an image, DC-121. (This is not my board.)

I’m still learning about theme and plugin development, so there’s a lot I’m ignorant about, but I’m wanting to contribute to this theme component if possible. So I’ve been looking at Fix board button categories by nathan-nz · Pull Request #23 · discourse/discourse-kanban-theme · GitHub as one possible starting point. And I have a basic question: in discourse-kanban-theme/kanban-utilities.js at main · discourse/discourse-kanban-theme · GitHub and a few other places there is an uninitialized variable named settings; it must be setup by the tooling somewhere, and I’m curious to learn more about how that works. Is that an Ember feature, or the Discourse theme driver, or something else? Is there more documentation on variables like that somewhere?

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It’s a Discourse theme thing - you can find more info here:

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We have just started looking at using this plug-in and have some questions:

  • While having the kanban view on a category, is it possible to then hide the regular topic list so the kanban board is the only view of that category?
  • Can you show tags (columns) even if no topic has that tag yet?
  • Can the filter option show only tags restricted to this category?

Would it be possible to make the tag select box compatible with the board view?


  • When I’m in the board view, if I select a tag from the select box (near the category select box), it navigates to /tags/c/... and the board dissapear.
  • When I click Board again, the tag selection dissapear.

While I’d like to have the board combined with a filter on a specific tag.

Here’s what I’m trying to achieve:

  • Have project tags like project1, project2, project3.
  • Have kanban tags like todo, in-progress, done.

And I’d like to see, say, project2’s todo, in-progress and done.

I have configured the default modes to projects:tags:todo,in-progress,done, this part works like a cham, the 3 columns are displayed, but obviously mixing all projects.

I’d now like to filter by project to get the view for one project, so I hit the tag select and change from all tags to project1 and boom, I’m on /tags/c/... with no board :frowning:

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I think kanban could help display more info & status for pm like this:


When in board view, I properly see the column tags, but I’d like to see the other tags on the cards, and they don’t systematically appear…

I configured a default mode with my-category:tags:design,backlog,planned,doing,done,documented, and checked “show tags” in the component configuration.

Clicking on the category brings me to /c/94/l/latest?board=default, where the columns are the ones configured, but there are no tags on the cards (I have mandatory priority tags set on the category)

If I go through the filter widget select “tags” mode with no particular tags I do get some columns with tags on the cards

I don’t really see a reliable way to show what I need here.

Am I missing anything?

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