Configure the Discourse RSS Polling Plugin

Is it possible to use any other variables in embed.imported_from apart from %{link}?

I’d like to create a link using title and URL separately (in the default message the URL is displayed in full as a URL).


When I delete topics created via RSS they always seem to rise from the dead fairly quickly. What should I do to prevent this? Thanks.

I’m going to reduce Customise/Embedding “Maximum number of posts to embed” still further in the hope that this helps.

Edit: I reduced that to 3 and deleted eight posts. All eight were simultaneously resurrected.

Maybe the answer is just not to delete a topic until it ceases to be available in the RSS feed.


31 Oct 2020: Can’t reply as I’m talking to myself here so editing the post :slight_smile:

I now don’t think this is relevant to the RSS plugin.

I’d still like an answer to this :slight_smile:

The answer was to unlist the topics so that they wouldn’t be hoovered up from the RSS feed again.

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The path that is used is set by the value of the link attribute that is set for each feed item. I think I found the paths for the feed at by adding to my site’s Feed URL setting and then looking at the embed URLs of the topics that were created by it.

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I’m still interested in customising this message. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

I’d like to use RSS Polling to auto-post videos from YouTube playlists, which are in the form:

However, the link attributes are the videos themselves, like This means I can’t use these URLs to set the categories by regex, but I could with the source/RSS URLs (each RSS would target a category). This isn’t possible right now, right?

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It’s not currently possible. There are some details about the issue here: Discourse-rss-polling: polling YouTube playlist feed.


Ok, so just to be clear: it isn’t possible to use YouTube feeds because they use some custom media tags, right?

However, I’ve seen similar situations to what I described above on blog posts too, where the link from the feed isn’t enough to identify a category, so in these cases it’s not possible to auto-set a category?

Right. I see now that I didn’t answer your initial question:

You should be able to get all feeds that have their link attribute set to the domain to publish to a category by creating a host record with its domain set to Something like this:

I don’t think there is a way to set specific categories based on the playlist’s ID though.

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Browsing through the forum today I wondered again about this. The reason I ask is that some URLs are long and messy and it would good to “hide” them behind some more useful text in an HTML a tag.

The feed url section does not appear. I tried hard refresh. what could be the problem?

Click the “Plugins” link from the admin navigation menu again. You should now see an “RSS Polling” entry in the left-hand sidebar:

It is on its own route, instead of being set via the normal site settings pages. I’m not sure if that’s something that could be changed. It would be more straightforward if the Feed URL could be set as a normal site setting.


Oh, it seems now. I am sorry for the confusion. Thank you.

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Is it possible to limit polling frequency per feed in number in 24 hours? Like 2 articles in 24 hours?

You can limit the polling frequency by adjusting the rss polling frequency site setting. There isn’t currently a setting to limit the number of articles that are pulled in though.

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I am integrating an RSS feed into a discourse category. However all topics are coming through as “unlisted” but with the embedded user however if the admin changes the topic to “listed” then the author changes to that admin user.

How can RSS topics be posted as “listed”?


You can prevent this by disabling the embed unlisted site setting. That setting is enabled by default. When enabled, topics that are embedded from external sources will be unlisted until they receive a reply.

That shouldn’t be happening. I’ll look into it later today.

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I am not able to reproduce this on my site that’s using the latest Discourse code. The staff member who lists the topics will get shown as the topic’s last post though. On mobile, this could make it look like they are the author of all the topics. Possibly this is what you are seeing.

If the actual topic owners are being changed on your site when topics are re-listed, let us know.


It is the icon I can see changing. I’ve unchecked new items being unlisted which is working however it required an “username to embed” which I assumed would be captured in the host information.
All good otherwise

Looking for some advice. Have tried this to feed news articles into our site, however we tend to delete some and want to limit. Those deleted articles keep coming back when the RSS feed is triggered again. Is there a way to stop this?

Yes, unlist them instead of deleting them, or remove them from the RSS source.

Anything you delete that’s still in the RSS feed will be resurrected/recreated.