Configure the Discourse RSS Polling Plugin

Yes, unlist them instead of deleting them, or remove them from the RSS source.

Anything you delete that’s still in the RSS feed will be resurrected/recreated.



Is it possible to show the full post content by default, without clicking the “Show Full Post” Button ?

I asked this because some RSS feed, contain coding in their feed. It shows lots of unwanted content in the post.

But once user click on the “Show Full Post” Button, it show the embed contain nicely.


Yes, this can be done by deselecting the embed truncate site setting.

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I have tried disabling the “embed truncate” in post setting last few days, however it doesn’t give the same result as pressing the “Show Full Post” Button .

Here is a example:

“Embed truncate” setting disable:

It display the text inside the RSS feed <content> tag.

“Embed truncate” setting enable:

Content after pressing “Show Full Post” Button:

It display the real web content following the whitelist rule.

I was worried that might happen. When the Show Full Post button is clicked, Discourse scrapes the page content from the web page that is associated with the feed item. What you are seeing when the embed truncate setting is disabled it the result of the markup that comes directly from the RSS feed. It sounds like there is some broken markup in the RSS feed that is causing it to display in the way it is.

The easiest way to confirm this would be to visit the RSS feed URL directly with your browser and have a look at its markup. I think you would look for what falls between its <description> tags.

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Thank you for your quick reply. :grinning:
I have also tried another feed without strange markup.
Here is example from another feed:

“Embed Truncate” Disable:

The broken image is a known problem caused by the <p> tag. It can be fix manually following the instruction from this post .
But the main problem is, it only show a very short description from the RSS feed, not the whole content from the web page.

“Embed Truncate” Enable:

It doesn’t show any content, other than the original source link.

“Show Full Post” Button Pressed:

It display the correct content from web page following the whitelist rule.

Do you think it is possible to show the full post content by default, without pressing the “Show Full Post” Button? :thinking:

Or do you think it is possible to let Discourse scrapes the page content from the web page that is associated with the feed item all the time? :thinking:

That feed is only supplying an excerpt of the full post. That is why you only see an excerpt when the embed truncate setting is disabled.

When you do select the embed truncate site setting, Discourse will attempt to pull the full post content from the post’s URL. If the post has broken HTML, Discourse will not be able to pull in the post content. In those cases, clicking the “Show Full Post” button will not pull in the post. When this happens, the user does not receive an error message telling them what the problem is. Possibly an error message should be displayed for this case.

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Thanks Simon,

I can’t see any of the errors or why the RSS isn’t parsing:

@simon do you think the RSS feed is not formatted correctly which is why the plug-in isn’t pulling the data? Or is there something else I am missing?

Is it failing to pull in all of the items from that feed, or are just some of them missing?

is it possible to have no new topics but replies ?

Hi Simon, when I have mine active, It’s posting 20 topics at a time, but it’s the same topics getting posted every time. I delete them, but then they will show back up in 10 minutes. How would I make this not happen?

An example of what happens:

This got deleted, but then it just shows back up.

It’s quite greedy isn’t it? :slight_smile: You just need to unlist (manually) instead of deleting.

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As @Jonathan5 noted, if you delete topics that still exist in the feed, Discourse will recreate the topics the next time it pulls in the feed. Unlisting the topics is probably the best way to deal with that.

If the exact same 20 posts keep getting pulled in, it seems likely that those are the only posts that exist in the feed.


Apparently you can pull in a YouTube channel’s feed with the plugin. Possibly the same approach will work for a playlist. Have a look at this post for details: Is there a YouTube plugin - #3 by CaptainZac. If you get a chance to try this out, let us know if it works.



The plugin works pretty well, but I have one problem.

All new “posts” are invisible until I set them manually to visible.

Or is this same as you here described?

Yes, you need to disable the embed unlisted site setting so that new topics created from the RSS feed will not be set as unlisted. I am going to update the first post in this topic to add instructions for disabling that setting.

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Thank you!

But I need to say that the translation to german is not as good as it should be, because “unlisted” is not the same as “invisible” and that’s why I’m a little bit confused. :wink:

I had a look and in the context the translation is ok.
But in the topic itself you can set the topic visible/invisible and it does the same.
So why are here two different texts?
Or to ask a little bit OT: Is in Discourse listed/unlisted the same as visible/invisible?

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@simon and for anyone else having issues with getting images to work:

  1. Use Zapier or something similar to strip HTML tags from the content, and then publish feed
  2. Enable markdown for embedded posts in your site settings

Images will now work as usual.