Discourse Post Voting Plugin

:discourse2: Summary Discourse Post Voting allows the creation of topics with votable posts.
:hammer_and_wrench: Repository Link https://github.com/discourse/discourse-post-voting
:open_book: Install Guide How to install plugins in Discourse


To create a new topic with votable posts open the menu in the top left of the composer and select ‘Toggle Post Voting’:

With the topic in Post Voting mode, there’s a filter to sort answers by votes or by activity. Here’s an example of one in action:


Site Settings

Once installed, the plugin is enabled by default and the available admin settings are:

Setting Site Description
post voting enabled Enable Post Voting Plugin
post voting undo vote action window Number of minutes users are allowed to undo votes in Post Voting topics (enter 0 for no limit)
post voting comment limit per post Number of comments allowed on each post
post voting enable likes on answers Enable like button on replies on Post Voting topics
min trust to flag posts voting comments Minimum trust level to flag a post voting comment

Category-specific Settings

There are two category settings available. Use the wrench on the category page and access settings to see these:

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This plugin is inspired by Pavilion’s fantastic work on the Question Answer Plugin. As always, thank you for your continued contributions to the Discourse project. :medal_sports: :slight_smile:


Is it possible to add the mechanic to an existing topic?

I’m afraid it isn’t, though there is an open feature request for it if you like to add your voice to it:


Thank you very much, I joined that topic per your advice.

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I am a bit of a Q&A fanatic, so I’m excited to see this new post format available in Discourse and tickled by how… familiar… it seems! I have some questions about the functionality and how customizable it is. Much of this may be answered in the plugin package but I figure it might be helpful to have here, too…

  1. Is there education built in for the plugin that teaches users about the feature, how/when to use it, etc? I love @discobot - maybe there’s a tutorial/onboarding module for Q&A?
  2. You say admins can set the default within a category to Q&A - if they do, are topics required to be Q&A or do they just default to it?
    • If it’s a default, is there an option to require it? Can Q&A be disabled by category, too?
  3. If a category is set to default to Q&A, is this something that’s apparent to users? I see that the post creation button will say it’s a Q&A but I can imagine a seasoned user’s first interaction with the newly-added feature might lead them to overlook the text without something drawing attention to the post type before it’s submitted.

Thanks for making this cool feature official!

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Why does the discourse-post-voting don’t support Issues?

I really like this plugin.

Does the topic post have a voting function?

Do you have an example website? I hope to access your discourse page. @Nebthtet @techAPJ

Issues can be reported here in meta. :slight_smile:

You might be looking for Discourse Topic Voting.

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Yes, OP needs an update, these are the current options in category settings

The user will see a different button in the composer. You can change the button text via text customization.


A post was split to a new topic: Are Post Voting votes/replies accessible via API?

Has anyone been able to limit the amount of votes per user per topic? In our case, we are running photocontests, and we would like to limit each user to 5 votes max per topic.


in :arrow_upper_right: this post I was directed to post the issue here to give the feedback.

In the thread linked above in the OpenStreetMap forum, where this plugin is used in some categories, user interface shortcomings with this plugin are discussed.

In short there are:

This plugin forbids to post a reply to a reply. It is debateable if this should be enforced or to be configurable on a per-instance basis, but it it is enabled, the following occurs:

  • The user can select some text and quote. The user can enter a reply. Only at the very end, when the reply is to be sent, it is aborted with an error message

    An error occurred: You are not allowed to create a post in reply to another post.

    This is a not really helpful message. It does not tell what is wrong. In fact, if a reply is not allowed, it should not have allowed “quote-reply” in the first place at all.

  • When a reply is sent via email, the email just vanishes without the sender beeing informed. There should be a bounce with an explanatory message saying what is wrong.

  • Only comments are allowed. But they swallow some formatting (e.g. quotes, see the comment on :arrow_upper_right: this post), and also they are limited in numbers of characters, prohibiting more complex thoughts.


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