Search banner theme component

Is there a way to remove the pre-populated list of search items?

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Is that your browser’s autocomplete? do you also get that list in the default search box within Discourse?


Ah! You’re right. My bad! It does happen also with Discourse search.

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So, since a few hours ago, our Discourse installation is getting this error:

ember_jquery-189e46ebcb33594b835e782fd1ce916ec750bc0cf980ebc4fb7796649161a18d.js:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: currentUser is not defined
    at t.displayForUser (06b3c02bf90c13a835f8d9513b1bd1f33479b2ac.js?
    at t.<anonymous> (application-ecf3182bf9e458e6969b74e8c9785e2a10a613f0167f16e7eea352c462b6a2d9.js:1)
    at e.t.get (ember_jquery-189e46ebcb33594b835e782fd1ce916ec750bc0cf980ebc4fb7796649161a18d.js:1)
    at Qe (ember_jquery-189e46ebcb33594b835e782fd1ce916ec750bc0cf980ebc4fb7796649161a18d.js:1)
    at t.<anonymous> (ember_jquery-189e46ebcb33594b835e782fd1ce916ec750bc0cf980ebc4fb7796649161a18d.js:1)
    at e.t.get (ember_jquery-189e46ebcb33594b835e782fd1ce916ec750bc0cf980ebc4fb7796649161a18d.js:1)
    at Qe (ember_jquery-189e46ebcb33594b835e782fd1ce916ec750bc0cf980ebc4fb7796649161a18d.js:1)
    at e.t.compute (ember_jquery-189e46ebcb33594b835e782fd1ce916ec750bc0cf980ebc4fb7796649161a18d.js:1)
    at e.value (ember_jquery-189e46ebcb33594b835e782fd1ce916ec750bc0cf980ebc4fb7796649161a18d.js:1)
    at r.t.value (ember_jquery-189e46ebcb33594b835e782fd1ce916ec750bc0cf980ebc4fb7796649161a18d.js:1)

We did not update anything during that time for it to pop. It was during night, that it started appearing. We have even tried to run ./launcher rebuild app, but it’s still there.

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Update: we have discovered that the issue is related to the Discourse Search Banner component. We have disabled it, and it is now working again.


Have you tried updating the theme component? There were some recent additions to check for User and this may have been related.


this theme doesn’t work properly with Topic list sidebar navigation.

the same way as in Homepage Feature Component - #70 by Pad_Pors.


How to add a link in the subhead banner:


Before Posting please search ..., New User's read [FAQ](

Is that posible???..


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How would discourse search autocomplete work with this?

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Hi @awesomerobot nice work !
I started using this theme component on my Discourse forum everything is working fine but… when I change for “logged in” or “logged out”… my website after a refresh is a black screen with nothing showing on…

I would have loved to choose the setting “logged out”.
Is it something I’ve done wrong ?


I see this too, looks like there’s a bug… I’ll get that fixed soon.


I’ve got a PR up for a fix, it’s the weekend for most of the team so it probably won’t be reviewed and merged until Monday.

In the meantime, if you need to disable the component you can use safe-mode to access your site.


Awesome I’ve seen the change request has just been accepted on Github.
Tried today and the problem persists.

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It was approved but not yet merged, I just merged it in and you should be able to update it now.


How can i add this background search same page Whois Domain Tool:

Maybe change to other style in code pen:

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You’ll first need to add some custom css to your site. The target should be: custom-search-banner. I would first start with that, and mess with the background css property and experiment with that.



My design:

Can you?
Help me customize this component follow my mind, please! I can donate for you!
Thank you!

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The following excerpt from the OP can guide you as to what classes you should be targeting. You will need to be targeting these classes in your own custom theme / component for your instance.

If you arent familiar with how to customize your forum, I would suggest looking through the following resources as a guide:

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Hey @awesomerobot

Just noticed that the .results class background is not using the new color variables yet. Hence on dark color scheme the search results background is still #ffffff.

Can you add the new variables in the next update?

Meanwhile if anyone else is having same issue, here is my temporary fix:

/* temp fix bg search banner */
.custom-search-banner-wrap .results {
    background: var(--secondary)!important;
    border: 1px solid var(--primary-low);

Yes, thanks for mentioning it — the theme is now updated with the correct variables.

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