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:discourse2: Summary Search Banner puts a search bar along with optional headline and subhead text in a banner above the main topic list navigation.
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By default, this banner appears on all top-level topic pages (latest/new/unread/top/categories… anything in the top menu site setting) but it can also be set to only display on a community’s homepage.

:sparkling_heart: This very heavily borrows from @angusPavilion Header Search Theme Component


Name Description
show on This determines which pages the banner appears
plugin outlet Where on the page the banner will appear
background image light Background image for the banner on light color palettes
background image dark Background image for the banner on dark color palettes
tile background image Repeat the background image
show for Who can see the Search Banner (logged in, logged out, or both)
special style Optional variations that change the appearance of the search banner

Theme translations

You can customize the text of these elements:

  • Heading (search_banner.headline)
  • Subheading (search_banner.subhead)
  • Button text (search_banner.search_button_text)

To omit one from display, leave the field blank.

Custom styling

The HTML element gets a class named .display-search-banner wherever this banner appears, and the banner itself is wrapped with the .custom-search-banner class, so with some CSS you should be able to customize the appearance of this banner however you see fit.

Future enhancements

  • Add an option to enable the banner in specific categories

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