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:information_source: Events are a feature of the Calendar (and Event) plugin. You can find more detail about how to enable them as well as their related settings in: Official Discourse Calendar (and Event) Plugin

:date: Keeping local dates enabled is also highly recommended when using this feature

Creating an Event

An Event can be created from the toolbar gear icon menu when you’re creating a new topic (or editing the first post of a topic):

Once created, the event will display as an editable markdown block in your composer which you can position wherever you want inside your post. Here’s a simple example:

[event start="2024-02-28 20:00" status="public"]

And the preview will display an event placeholder while you edit your post:

There are a selection of options you can choose from while creating your Event:

  • Start and End dates and times - An Event must have a start date, though an end date is optional
  • Event name - This is optional and will fallback to the topic title if one isn’t entered
  • URL - Add a link to display in the Event information
  • Timezone - Set the timezone (though note that the time in markdown is UTC)
  • Status - An Event can be Public (joinable by anyone), Private (invite-only), or Standalone (not joinable at all). These control who can mark ‘going’ to the Event, not the Event’s visibility in the calendar.
  • Reminders - Set an optional reminder to either notify participants or bump the topic at a certain point (or both, as you can have multiple)
  • Recurrence - Set if this is a recurring Event
  • Minimal Event - This hides the ‘Going/Not Going’ and invitee status in the display

Depending which options you pick, your Event topic will look a little like this once you’re done:

The Event menu

Once created, you also have a menu in the top right corner you can use for a selection of things:

For everyone who has permission to interact with the Event (depending on the Event’s Status):

  • Add to calendar - Either download an .ics file or add to google calendar
  • Send a PM to… - Send a PM to the event creator

For those who are allowed to create Events:

  • Notify user - Let someone know about the Event
  • Export Event - Download a list of RSVPs
  • Bulk Invite - Invite people to the Event (either through the UI or by uploading a CSV. Data explorer is good for the latter)
  • Edit Event - Make changes to the Event (Note: resets RSVPs attendance)
  • Close Event - Closes out the Event

Interacting with an Event

People can mark their expected attendance using the Going/Interested/Not Going buttons, and their avatars will be added to the display. If it’s a popular Event, people can see a full list of responses by using the Show all button on the right:

If your Event has an end date, then the Event details will also display in topic lists and in the topic header when scrolled:

Upcoming Events Calendar

Each of the created Events will be listed on the Upcoming Events calendar, which you can add a link to in your sidebar or header dropdown navigation menu. This will lead to a dedicated /upcoming-events page where people can see a summary of them in calendar form. Clicking on one will open the related topic so they can add their RSVP or see any related conversation:

And there you have it. :slight_smile: If you have any questions or issues please feel free to ask them below, or create a new support, bug, feature, or ux topic as appropriate. :+1:

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