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@Sudaraka, @angus thanks guys, it was an issue with sidekiq … I got sidekiq running and the user icons now show in dev … great!

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Both modals definitely have an X and have for some time. See e.g: Events - Angus' Sandbox


Do you have any custom CSS that could be hiding it? Are there any exceptions in the browser console?

Ah, right yup. There was an issue for non-geocoded locations. This should fix it. Please update and try again.

Do you want geocoded locations though? You can enforce geocoded locations by setting location geocoding to ‘required’


Also not sure if this applies, but if you want to have an single input address entry, i.e.:


Deselect this:


@menzer The single input address entry may be what suits your needs too. Give it a try and let me know.


You are the boss!! How simple was that,thank you!

Possible idea: I’d like the option to show latest posts only on the map. ie:l show only posts added in x number of days? we we can select the number of days


It was another plugin causing the X to not appear. The Content Locker plugin was causing the issue, which was recently marked as broken anyway. So I have removed it.

I like the idea of optional geocoding, but turning it off may be best for now for me. Most of the locations I tried were getting a general location on the road and not the actual address. That would probably be fixed by changing to a different service for that though.

Thank you for changes and fixes.


This is a fantastic plugin, dreaming of the ways I hope to make use of it!

We are bringing several thousand users into discourse (from vanilla) and using WP as the SSO provider, and so the users will not be manually creating a profile on discourse.
We have addresses for most users in WP, however I am not sure simply auto mapping users is a good idea, in fact I know its not;)

So my question is how would you go about prompting users during their first login to add their locations to their profile so that they are displayed on the users map. No one will know to do so unless prompted, and no one will follow an instruction email to login and complete the task, it would need to be a really quick addition while you were entering the site, to set and move on or otherwise I feel it will be left undone.

I would really like the majority of users to be shown on the map, maybe at a suburb level and not with full address resolution. Its for a hi-tech geeky group of garden shed machinists, there are not allot of them around and so we want to help them find each other both on and offline - without it getting creepy.

We plan to have some localised topics including a Market for swapping /selling parts as well as professional services area and a real life social area where we will encourage people to find members of the community to go and have a bbq, talk shop or help each other with a project, as in away from the internet. I know that sounds strange. Of course for this functionality we can turn on location required on these categories.

The map will feature heavily in making this possible! Would not otherwise work, and so … very exciting.
Leading to the next question, not location plugin specific but . can you associate a user with a topic, without them having to add a post. For example how would I get people to opt in to the social category and be shown on the map in that category. Is it the case that they would have to make a post and I would have the location required setting on that category or are other options available?

And lastly, it would be pretty awesome if the maps allowed for custom icons, like a $ sign for users on the market, a sausage for those interested in getting together.

Thanks again Angus for the awesome plugin!


Sounds like an interesting community!

You can use my Custom Wizard Plugin.

When you have both the Locations Plugin and the Custom Wizard Plugin installed, create a wizard with ‘After Signup’ enabled.

In one of the steps, add a field with the type ‘location’. Then add an “Update Profile” action and map the location field to the user custom field 'geo_location. This is what it should look like

If you sign up for an account on my sandbox, you’ll see an example.

The Users Map is site wide. There’s no users map for each category at the moment. The category maps are for locations associated with topics.

Custom icons are possible, but I won’t be getting as granular as having different custom icons for different types of locations for some time. You may want to consider hiring a dev to make a customisation of the plugin for that (and maybe category-specific user maps).


Hi Angus,

Perfect, ill check out your custom wizards plugin, sounds like exactly what I need! - I better have a look at what other plugin goodies you have produced as well!

Yes, I think I can leave this feature for a little while and see how the community goes. If people make use of it then there will be a case to spend some $$ and have a developer extend the plugin to suit this application.

Ahh, so they would need to add a topic, and add location to it, then the category map will show their topic, not them as a user, this makes sense.

Many thanks Angus


I work in oil and gas where maps are ridiculously important. So thank you for this plugin @angus! Since maps are so important for us, I spent the past several hours looking for all of the best basemaps out there. Came across this post on Codepen that’s a great resource for anyone looking for more maps.

Honorable mention for NASA’s EOSDIS Worldview. Didn’t find anything I could use, but wasted plenty of time there.


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I may be wrong, but I believe this plugin works with vector layers not raster layers. From my limited experience with working with maps, adding raster layer functionality to the plugin could require a lot of work.

That said, there’s a chance Angus would accept a pull request from you. Or maybe you could put together a “child” plugin.

You’re not wrong @Mittineague. Started in oil and gas when I moved to Texas in 2010. Was working for a company called Drillinginfo, which started as “What if we put the permits on a map and put it online?” … In 1999. Working with raster files and shapefiles is no joke. UT has a legit GIS Center and you can get a certificate in GIS & Remote Sensing at A&M. If this community works out the way I’m thinking it will, I’ll eventually have to invest in more complex development. For now, I’m not looking to run any pull requests. Was just after the best solution for bitkcor. And kinda geeking out on maps… can’t say I saw myself ever saying things like that! ha

Here’s the very rudimentary implimentation I went with last night for anyone that’s curious.

Duplicated a property listing on the site I hope to crush. Lol… If you click Show Map and zoom in enough, you’ll see the “offset wells” these guys are looking to see while evaluating deals. Honestly, it’s just dumb I was able to pull this off so quickly. @angus is a good man.


@angus this plugin needs an update for some recent changes in core - I’ve made a PR: FIX: Update for changes in Discourse core by davidtaylorhq · Pull Request #29 · angusmcleod/discourse-locations · GitHub


@david Thanks :+1:

@davidkingham This should fix the issue about user locations not being saved.

@jameshahnii There’s a great library of useable leaflet tile layers here: Leaflet Provider Demo

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I wish I had better news, but it did not fix the issue :frowning:

Hi @angus we’ve installed this plugin today - fantastic work my good man!!

Can I drop a feature request? Would it be possible to add a setting to the plugin to allow us to set the User Map as the default view when people click ‘Users’ on the hamburger menu, rather than the User List view?



Thanks again mate, great job :clap:

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And is this the right place to report a bug @angus?

Users are unable to remove a Map Location from their profile.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Add a Map Location to your user profile and click Save
  2. View on map, ensure pin displays
  3. Edit your profile, click the X to delete the location:


  1. Save your profile changes
  2. Reload the page, the Map Location is still there, the pin is also still visible on the map

@Richie I just pushed an update that should clearing the saving of user locations.

@davidkingham Can you double check you’re on the latest version of the plugin at /admin/plugins? I can’t repro the saving of user locations issue on the latest.

@Sudaraka Check out @Richie’s request above. Reckon you could give it a crack?


Bug fixed, thanks for the super quick response times @angus :+1:

@angus Unsure if this is a bug, by design, or user-error!

When entering latitude and longitude co-ordinates, should we be able to enter the coords, without them being reverese geocoded to the nearest ‘known’ location?


  1. We are arranging a meeting place for drone club members to fly their quadcopters
  2. The meeting place is an open field
  3. We enter the coordinates of the field, the Locations plugin offers a suggestion:

eg. 53.528176, -2.6267689


  1. We click the suggestion
  2. The pin is placed in the wrong field:

The alternative:

When entering the coordinates, if we do NOT click the suggestion and click away so the suggestion disappears, then we click Done:


Then sadly no location is added to the post at all.

Again, unsure if this is a bug or by design?

Our settings:


Thanks once again :slight_smile:

This has to be some sort of anomaly because I’ve head great luck with every lat/long I’ve plugged in so far, but when I load up this one it’s off as well… Unless you go straight to OpenStreetMap. Curious.

Cheers mate!


I was just updating your plugin, once I updated discourse as well it started working, thanks again.

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