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I have this exact same problem: the geotagged address is too specific and, at the same time, misses the address number. The link to the explanation doesn’t go anywhere.

I understand the address customization may not be a simple problem, but I tested all the supported providers and I find it odd that I couldn’t select the address with corresponding number in none of those, which made me think it was some problem with my configuration or use case, but testing the providers on their own demos I found the results to be similar.

Provider results

This is a conventions center in São Paulo, Brazil, which I got from Google Maps.

Abbreviated name: Av. Profa. Ida Kolb, 513
The exact way Google Maps shows the address, if the provider didn’t find it, I tried the full name.

Full name: Avenida Professora Ida Kolb, 513

Nominatim image
LocationIQ image
Opencagedata image
Mapquest doesn’t even show addresses in Brazil
Mapzen image
Mapbox image

While Mapbox showed the address with number using the full name, when adding the location to a topic using the plugin, the result omits the number:

The only provider that correctly identified the address with number is Mapzen (Mapbox did too for the full name), which brings me to the next question:

The “See further” link in the OP Mapzen removal note also doesn’t go anywhere. Apparently the service is now called Geocode Earth and doesn’t have a free plan anymore, but looks like the Geocoder is open source and can be installed locally.

I’m currently using Mapbox as it is the closest to what I need, but i expected the address number to be kept in the results (I believe the location tagged on the map is considering the number, so it’s no big deal).

A separate question: Is it possible to hide the full address from the post subheader when a location name is given? In this given example, it would show only the name of the conventions center (“Centro de Convenções Promagno”) and the full address would be used only to tag the exact location on the map.

I’m sorry for the wall of text, this plugin is great and the possibilities that this + the events plugin brings to my community are really awesome.

Hi @angus are you able to do anything to make the address wrap within the user card?

This is fairly straightforward CSS if you want to add it yourself.


@Richie Thanks for the report. There was a PR merge recently that may be the culprit here. I’ll take a look.

I’ve just installed this plugin, and I’m having an issue when in map mode, and when you click on the event title on the map, it bring up an error page rather than taking you to the Event page.

Please see here: International JavaScript Conference 2020 - Events - BCW

With the new User Card Directory theme component, the location is shown twice. The original Discourse user profile location is no longer hidden.


Thanks for the report. I may have time to address this towards the end of next week.


I’m 90% sure this should do it

(not tested though)


Thanks, merged :+1:

@omarfilip Let me know how that goes


That wasn’t it. The cards in the directory are within the .user-card-directory .user-card-container classes, instead of .user-card.


Ok. I’ll take a look next week.

In the meantime, this plugin doesn’t support the User Card Directory theme component.


Can anyone advise on how I can report on the location of community members location in topics.
I am setting up a support area and woupd like to understand what country the memebers are in that are requesting support.

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Just a note that the FA icon map-o needs to be updated to use far-map in this plugin, sounds like we only have a few weeks before the old ones go away.


The user card overflow is still an issue at the moment too, if you’re doing any work on this component in the near future :blush:

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Thanks for the prompts guys.

I’ve handled the deprecations

And the style issues of user locations in cards and profiles

@omarfilip I haven’t tested the user card directory with these updates, but they may address that as well.


Long addresses now wrap beautifully. thanks @angus :smiley:


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Thanks, @angus. The update did not fix the double location. Here it is now:

Screen Shot 2020-03-27 at 10.12.52 AM

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I’ve also noticed long addresses overflow out of the side of the window when viewing a user profile page:



Thanks Richie, I’ve addressed that: Fix user profile location overflow · paviliondev/discourse-locations@e11bb2c · GitHub

@omarfilip This plugin will also now work with the user card theme component as well: Support user card directory · paviliondev/discourse-locations@931b609 · GitHub


Indeed it does - thanks, Angus!