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@fefrei So I believe that I am following the beta branch… so perhaps my problem is a misunderstanding of what it takes before a translation submitted on Transifex gets pulled into the beta branch? Does it have to meet minimum requirements? And does anyone know what those are?

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #25
  1. Translation gets done on Transifex

  2. Discourse team syncs translations with the project (every 15 days or so)

  3. Discourse team releases a new beta version (every 15 days or so)


@Falco cool – so anything that has at least a submitted translation on Transifex should get pulled in?

I’m a little confused about this because, for example, I can see that the badge “First Emoji” has been translated in Brazilian Portuguese on Transifex 4 months ago… but when a user receives this badge on my site, it still shows up in English. I’m not even sure how to go about troubleshooting this…

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #27

Ah então você é br também?

Hmm emoji I know are tricky. U sure there aren’t other untranslated keys? Is the locale changed in Site Settings?

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(Pad Pors) #29

I’d like to contribute to Persian translation, and I’ve gone to transifex several times to do that, but I had problems listing below:

  1. I can’t search strings easily there (the search function is working strange!), as a result I can’t find the needed strings.

  2. As the translations are case sensitive, (i.e. it depends on the situation!), it’d be much easier to see the word in the context.

  3. the most important thing is that most of non-translated strings in the user side are from plugins, for example solved plugin or cakeday plugin, when one translate these strings in the admin panel/customize, it doesn’t get affected.

  4. to find and to translate strings in the admin->customize is much easier than in transifex.

now the two questions to help these out:

  • is it possible to use this commands to export translations in the admin/customize panel and import it in transifex?
  • to translate plugins, if I’m not wrong, a simple .yml file is enough. is it? If yes, I can at least prepare this file for plugins I know.
    for the discourse solved plugin I can see the server/client_fa.yml file on my local, and so the plugin has them. but the texts are still non-translatable in the customize.

(Mittineague) #30

Not entirely, no.

UI text needs to be mapped to a token - string pair in the client.__.yml file, yes.

But any templates and code that have text might need to be re-written to use those. eg.

{{i18n "awesome_plugin.the_token_for_the_text_string"}}
data: {
   message: 'solved.accepted_notification',

Reputation Plugin Version 0.2

When are the new translations pulled? Every 15 days as far as I can see, but is it on specific dates or is it at random?

I would like to know our deadlines :wink:

(Jeff Atwood) #32

About every two weeks on average.

(Ilmārs Cīrulis) #33


How can I make my personal (for now) translation for my native language? It means, for the moment ignoring a few translations done already or different possible opinions and simply focusing on translating as I like?

(If it’s possible.)

(David Taylor) #34

If by “personal”, you mean only for your forum, just go to your forum admin panel, “Customize”, “Text Content” and you can change any language strings you want. Use the search box to find the right one

(Ilmārs Cīrulis) #35

Is it possible to import whole yml file with translations using admin panel (for example, my_translations.yml in place of client.yml)?

The current manual way of translation isn’t comfortable, if I want to translate more than few texts.

(Mittineague) #36

It’s ancient and became obsolete when it became possible to edit all text via the UI, but it may still work.
(test on your dev install first)

(Ilmārs Cīrulis) #37

I have no dev install, because I’m hosting on :expressionless:

(Boba Bobenko) #38

Dear people, can I translate Discourse locally, without using Transiflex? I need to fill some translation holes quickly and do some custom changes, play with it, show my community and only then contribute back to Transiflex. Is there some simple solution where I edit the translation file?

(Régis Hanol) #39

You can customize every strings in the admin > customize section of your Discourse.

(Boba Bobenko) #40

Thanks, that’s a start. But this way I need to search for each string. There may some “hidden” place I do not know of. And if I decide to change a term, it’s impossible to search-replace everything. No way of having all translations in one file?

(Mittineague) #41

Because all text can now be easily customized IMHO this old plugin example is moot, and it might possibly no longer work, but you could give it a try if you think it would be easier for you.

(Neemias Freitas) #42

How can I become a reviewer on Discourse Transifex team?

(Gerhard Schlager) #43

By telling us your Transifex username and the language you’d like to review.