Discourse Reactions - Beyond Likes

Thanks for the good plugin! I would like to take part in the translation. Is that possible somehow?


I’m running into an interesting situation: If I liked a post prior to installing this plugin, I can’t unlike it. Similarly, I can’t change my reaction…is this intentional?

It seems odd that likes would be immutable…


Did you change the site setting post undo action window mins? by default you can’t unlike something after 10 minutes has passed. The same behavior is kept for reactions.

They do not. The expectation is that not all reactions will be equivilant to a like (:-1: for example). This is also why discourse reactions reaction for like exists, because we’re only mapping one reaction type to a like.


OK cool, I think I’ve got it. So, say I map my “old :heart: likes” (and there were 10,000 of them) to :+1: with this new plugin. Some time passes, and 1,000 more :+1:'s are given and 500 :-1: are given.

If I uninstall the plugin, I go back to having 11,000 :heart:'s total (10,000 + 1,000) on my site, right?


Likes are only mapped with the main-reaction, say you have set your setting discourse reactions reaction for like to heart then only heart reactions will be counted in likes.

Yes, after re-installation all reactions will be preserved.


Sure, you can go through this post Contribute a translation to Discourse this might help you.


So follow-up: changing the post undo action window mins fixed it for me. I set it to one-year – since it’s feasible that users should be able to edit – I’d personally like it to be possible to be undone forever.


Checking: does this work as Retort does if the set of exposed reactions is changed? The way it works with Retort, old reactions are retained even when they are no longer offered as an option.

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Yes, works the same way.


Retort has a nice feature, which is the ability to select several reactions (up to ALL of them)
Reactions seems limited to only one, in any case ? This would be great, IMHO.


Yes, this is actually a requirement for our use. Strong +1 here. It’s really meaningful to be able to “like” something and also express other reactions. A zero-sum either-or pick-only-one approach is comparatively impoverished.

For perspective, though Facebook and some others do this one-reaction limit, GitHub and others support multiple reactions. Multiple is just better in every way.


Multiple reactions is sadly not on our roadmap, it is a completely different UI with very different constraints


There may be something interesting (not sure, someone would need to confirm): The “hover” on the like button seems to only work with a “physical” pointer!? When accessing a remote desktop (with VNC), it seems the hover doesn’t work when the pointer is on the like button (at least on my end). I tried several browsers. Something with the way you detect the pointer position?

Too bad for the “several” reactions.
I participated a little on a xenforo (I believe) forum where there were some “agree” - “disagree” and “thank” buttons. I found this idea great, as it is my belief people will often want to only express these things, and clicking a button would be enough. No need for a post, so the buttons are better for everyone (less noise). I wanted to use the “reactions” to achieve this. I find it nice to be able to potentially agree/disagree + thank + like at the same time (+maybe even something else. This was possible on the forum I participated to, and it is indeed great IMHO).


Will this plug in be coming to hosted sites? I would very much like to see it!


The plugin is now available for translation at https://translate.discourse.org/reactions


unhappy to say this but this won’t be possible with discourse-reactions, you can try to use Retort - a reaction-style plugin for Discourse if it can help you in achieving your goal.

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We are discussing this internally, we certainly expect it to be available on teams and enterprise, but are also deciding about business/standard tiers

We will make an announcement here once decided

We still have some in progress work, I expect about one month till our official announcement


Nice work guys :slight_smile:

A few minor things I noticed when kicking the tyres for the Retort migration

Currently, discourse_reactions_enabled_reactions doesn’t validate emoji codes, so non-emoji strings produces syntax errors in the topic view. I assume some kind of solution for that is in the works (an emoji picker in the site settings would be nice), but just thought I’d mentioned it in case.

discourse_reactions_enabled_reactions also doesn’t seem to work with codes that contain special characters, for example

+1 (:+1:) (lots of retorts use this code)

Failed to execute 'querySelector' on 'Document': '[data-post-id="728"] .discourse-reactions-picker .pickable-reaction.+1 .emoji' is not a valid selector

wave:t4 (:wave:t4:)

Failed to execute 'querySelector' on 'Document': '[data-post-id="597"] .discourse-reactions-picker .pickable-reaction.wave:t4 .emoji' is not a valid selector.

The popover has some wrapping / style issues with a larger number of emoji options (on desktop at least)


Thanks angus for testing the plugin and reporting the issues here😊

Currently we are working on it. For the others ill take a look.


:warning: we will setup discourse-reactions on meta for two weeks in the next hours.

Please note: We will be HARD deleting from meta after 2 weeks, all non like reactions will be deleted purged and gone