Discourse Reactions - Beyond Likes

Great work, all.

We have been getting some feedback from users regarding how notifications are handled, since users who would normally only get a new notification for likes daily are now getting separate notifications for different reactions. I suspect that’s because they are treated differently than normal likes.

Is more granular notification management of reactions something that might be addressed in the future or should I tell my users that this is just the new normal?

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Yes, we’re likely going to consolidate 3+ reactions under a generic “reactions” icon and show the actual emoji for one-off notifications. Things are still a work in progress.


I would like to hold off on this for a bit, we have quite a bit of other work I would like done first.


I’m a bit lost with the SaaS & self-hosted versions and plugin support. Is it possible to install this on the SaaS? Is it possible to install every plugin there? What’s the point of ‘business’ plugins then?

People hosted by us get a subset of plugins installed you can not pick and choose on the business/standard tier.

As an Enterprise customer you get to choose custom plugins.


For those interested in getting ideas or sharing your own ideas about what set of emoji to use with this plugin, I started a separate topic as a “library”:


Not adapted for smaller screens. iPhone 6S

I can’t wait, our community will adore this!


I’m not sure if this is related to the issue Angus brought up, but the +1 does not display for discourse reactions like icon but does for discourse reactions reaction for like, this is happening on multiple sites for me.


Use thumbs-up instead of thumbsup, should fix it. I had the same issue



Note, our plan is to have a proper emoji picker here, it will completely alleviate this issue cause the type of user error will no longer be possible.


Thanks for the plugin!

I enabled it (and have git sha 9f0e3b6).

I immediately edited what reaction emojis were available to include a thumbs-up, opened a topic, and applied a reaction to a post.

I then changed the default reaction to a thumbs-up. When I reloaded a topic, though, where I expected the heart/emoji icon on posts, the text :thumbs-up: showed up. I reverted back to defaults, but now if the plugin is enabled, I see a jquery error, and the topic renders as empty:


If there’s any debug logging I can provide to help track down whatever is going on, holler, I’m happy to help.

A good start would be to show your current settings please

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^^ count and icon seem not to be vertically centered correctly anymore.


Wanted to give this great new feature a shot in dev but am getting the following error every time I try to access a topic with a try again button underneath:
Sorry, we couldn't load that topic, possibly due to a connection problem. Please try again. If the problem persists, let us know.

After that I moved to create a clean docker-based dev environment, restored the production database and tried again. Same error.

Settings are as below.

When I disable the plugin everything runs OK. Probably missing something. Beware, bit of a newbie here, let me know how I can provide more info!


Are you seeing any errors in the browser console? It sounds like you might have a conflict with another plugin or customization.

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Sorry I wasn’t clearer: I reverted my settings to all defaults, and then saw the previously attached error in a topic that had a post with a thumbs-up reaction (which isn’t in the default set, which is why I think it threw the error?).

FWIW, I just upgraded the plugin and it seems that the bug has been fixed :+1:

I’m matching the github reaction set, as many of my community have spent some quality time there.

Thanks again for this plugin (and Discourse in general!)

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FYI this doesn’t work in conjunction with the Post Badges component, the reaction-panel will not display if the component is being used. I don’t see any errors in the console or logs though.


This issue is fixed with this PR


How do the reactions appear in reports? Divided by type?