Install the Discourse Theme CLI console app to help you build themes

The discourse Discourse Theme CLI is a ruby gem that allows you to use your editor of choice when developing Discourse themes and theme components. As you save files the CLI will update the remote theme or component and changes to it will appear live!


To play with it, make sure you have Ruby 2.5 or up installed.

If you are on Windows, you have 2 options:

Option 1: Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Windows 10 has access to a full Linux environment, you can use it to install ruby simply with sudo apt-get install ruby, this will give you Ruby 2.3.

Options 2: Older Windows

Older versions of Windows have no access to WSL, you can easily install Ruby with Ruby Installer, go for the recommended version and default settings for the install.


Mac OS version 10.13.3 ship with Ruby 2.3 out of the box, nothing special is needed. If you are running an earlier version of Mac OS consider using rvm, rbenv or homebrew to install a recent ruby.

Once Ruby 2.2 or later is running, open a terminal or command shell and run:

gem install discourse_theme

Once installed, to learn more about it:



gem update discourse_theme


The CLI provides 3 main functions:

discourse_theme new

You can use it to quickly create a new theme with discourse_theme new YOUR_DIR_NAME

discourse_theme watch

You can use it to monitor a theme and synchronize with a discourse site (with live refresh) using discourse_theme watch YOUR_DIR_NAME

What this means is that you can use your own editor to edit you theme and site will magically :unicorn: update with the changes!

discourse_theme download

You can download an existing theme from Discourse using discourse_theme download YOUR_DIR_NAME. You will then be given the option to start “watching” straight away!


You will need to generate an API Key. Go to the admin area and generate a key there.

  • :exclamation: Select a “User Level” of Single User when generating the key, not All Users .
  • :exclamation: Make sure to check Global Key or you will receive 403 forbidden errors.

Credentials are (optionally) stored at ~/.discourse_theme. API keys are stored per-site, and the URL/theme_id for each directory is also tracked. If you ever need to change your settings, just add --reset to any command and you will be prompted for all values again.


“This tool is truly a GEM!” @awole20
“This is very very good.” @awesomerobot
“It’s working :slight_smile: And it’s pretty dosh garn cool. Nice!” @angus
“OMG. It’s unbelievable.” @pfaffman

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